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The Doers, a series on LVMH employees

In The Doers, a series on our social networks, LVMH invites its people to share the rich meaning they find in the daily practice of their profession.

The Doers, a LVMH original series

In The Doers, a just-released series on our social networks, LVMH invites its people to share the rich meaning they find in the daily practice of their profession. In a timeless setting, people talk about their jobs and the passion that inspires them each day, helping them face the challenges of these turbulent times.


The crisis has made the question of whether work is meaningful more pertinent than ever. LVMH thus wanted to give voice to the people who enrich the Group, its employees. Whether they work directly with products, engage with customers, or in one of the many support roles that are essential to our activities, all share the same passion for their métier, their Maison and the teams with whom they work.






The first episode revolves around sales professions. Over 60,000 people apply their talents to retail activities at our 5,000 stores across the world. Sophie Aubin, manager of the Louis Vuitton Champs Elysées flagship in Paris, was delighted to share some inspiring insights on what makes retail such a motivating profession, and how she has dealt with the successive lockdowns. Without access to the fundamental element in their métier, namely face-to-face contact with customers, sales teams have reinvented their practices and found fresh inspiration each day.



“My role is enable everyone on my team to be totally engaged and share the same obsession: make sure our customers enjoy an exceptional experience.”



The second episode revolves around the launch of Nona Source, the first online resale platform of exceptional materials from LVMH’s Fashion & Leather Goods companies. Created by Group employees through the DARE (Disrupt, Act, Risk to be an Entrepreneur) intrapreneurship program, Nona Source is part of LVMH’s environmental strategy to revolutionize sourcing and promote the circular economy.



“We purchased an exceptional inventory of fabrics from one of the Maisons that was made into nearly 75,000 pieces of clothing and provided support for a hundred young designers and nascent brands.”



In this third episode, Caroline Fiot tells us enthusiastically about her work as an oenologist for Ruinart. From the vineyard to the tasting committee, she unveils the necessary steps involved in making an exceptional champagne. Bridging art and science, her expertise is nourished by communication and Research & Development missions that punctuate her daily life, entirely dedicated to addressing the challenges of a sustainable viticulture.



“I love every facet of my job, having multiple roles from the cuverie – where the wine is made – to oenology, the vineyards, R&D and then communications.”



In this fifth episode, Victoria Dartigues, Merchandising Director Fashion at DFS for the department store La Samaritaine, recounts her journey as a buyer and her daily routine between purchasing plans and selecting exceptional items to make her customers dream.

Driven by a sense of detail, the product and the taste of others, she is inspired by those around her, “real people” she says, to select original creations that will live in harmony within La Samaritaine.


“My job is to tell lots of stories, within La Samaritaine, for our customers.”



In our sixth episode of The Doers series, Jane Dornbierer Wu talks about the things she loves about her job as the Store Director of the Bulgari boutique in Zurich, ranging from her responsibilities to her team.
With her engaging sense of curiosity towards others, Jane sees herself as “more about personality than skills”, finding inspiration in the people she works with and meets in her daily activities. Her customers visit Bulgari boutiques for a unique experience, and that is exactly what she strives to bring them thanks to her teams…as well as her passion for singing!


“The person that I meet every day, or the people that I work with every day are my inspiration.”