Conversations with nature: Ruinart unveils Carte Blanche 2024

Published on 02.28.2024 • 5 minutes
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Cover Conversations with nature: Ruinart unveils Carte Blanche 2024

Each year, the RuinartCarte Blancheseries invites contemporary artists to propose original interpretations for a special limited edition from the Maison. In 2024, theCarte Blanchefor the first time proposes a collective vision, with six artists around the same shared message. Six interpretations for a strikingConversation with nature. 

For nearly 300 years Maison Ruinart has nurtured an ongoing dialogue with nature, celebrated in the Carte Blanche 2024 with new limited editions. Inspired by the Maison’s intimate relationship with nature, Ruinart has invited artists with deep convictions to propose Conversations with nature. As climate change creates critical challenges, this initiative by Maison Ruinart sends a powerful signal.  

“As the oldest Champagne house, Ruinart has cultivated an intimate bond with the land and nature for almost 300 years. We thus have a responsibility to better understand and preserve it. Our cuvées are the fruit of this relationship with nature,” says Frédéric Dufour, President of Maison Ruinart. 

Ruinart invited artists from five continents who both embody the pulse of contemporary art and express the manner in which environmental issues are perceived around the world. Andrea Bowers is based in Los Angeles. Marcus Coates and Thijs Biersteker live in Europe. Pascale Marthine Tayou works between Belgium and Cameroon. Henrique Oliveira has studios in London and São Paulo. Tomoko Sauvage travels between Paris and Tokyo. 

“Because the artists we have invited figure at the avant-garde of society and employ a compelling language, this Carte Blanche 2024 resonates with Maison Ruinart’s ethos and deep commitments to sustainable development,” Frédéric Dufour adds.   

Like a choir, the voices of Carte Blanche 2024 advocate a dialogue with living things, nourished by infinite approaches, creative perspectives and knowledge. United in an Artists’ Garden in Reims that embodies Ruinart’s values, the works by the artists echo these passionate Conversations with nature. Maison Ruinart’s longstanding and intimate relationship with art springs from a belief that artists have a unique capacity to perceive and articulate things that are difficult to conceive. This Carte Blanche 2024 edition thus underscores the manner in which artistic creations connect with thriving nature in the heart of the exceptional Champagne terroir.  

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