LVMH brings DARE Open Innovation program for the Group’s employees to London for the first time

For the first time since the creation of this forward-facing intrapreneurship program, the LVMH Group organized its DARE (Disrupt Act Risk to be an Entrepreneur) event in London. For three days, Group employees across the EMEA region – selected from 450 talents shortlisted following a call for ideas to  “Shaping the Customer Experience of Tomorrow” – joined one another to brainstorm in London. The fruit of their reflections was presented to a jury of executives from LVMH and its Maisons, along with outside entrepreneurs. The jury selected three winning projects that will be sponsored within the highest level of the organization.

LVMH created DARE in 2017, reflecting a conviction that its own employees are an outstanding source of knowledge and creativity to fuel innovation and excellence. This initiative gives LVMH employees, regardless of their position within the Group, an opportunity to express their vision of innovation and transform their ideas into concrete projects.

Under the leadership of Chantal Gaemperle, LVMH Group Executive Vice President, Human Resources & Synergies, DARE was developed by the members of LVMH House, a mansion in the heart of London’s Mayfair district that embodies a label of excellence for talent development for senior executives and high potentials. This unique worldwide program is cross-brand and cross-sector, encompassing all areas of expertise and all generations.

“The DARE initiative is a cornerstone of our talent development strategy, rooted in our core belief that it is our people who make the difference. It is an opportunity for our talents from all over the world to develop and hone their skillset, to network, and to discover and share ideas with the aim of fostering open innovation within the group. It promotes a culture of entrepreneurship within the Group that is a fundamental value of LVMH,” stated Chantal Gaemperle.

Since its launch DARE has focused on a variety of topics, from the future of luxury and sustainable development to gender equality, with events in France, Italy, China and the United States. For the DARE event in London, over 13,000 employees from across LVMH based in Europe, Middle East and Africa were invited to submit an idea related to customer experience innovations.

The 60 participants selected for DARE London were split into 12 teams and joined by students from Central Saint Martins and Imperial College London. The teams worked on their projects at LVMH House to turn their ideas into business plans, which were then challenged by mentors before being pitched to the jury.

Congratulations to all participants and save the date for the next edition of DARE in Tokyo on November 12.

LVMH kicks off Season 3 with new cohort of startups at La Maison des Startups incubator at Station F

On September 5-6 LVMH inaugurated the third season of its incubator, La Maison des Startups, welcoming 26 new young enterprises to the Station F campus, the majority of them selected through the LVMH Innovation Award.

Station F – 3e promotion

La Maison des Startups LVMH is an accelerator program created by the Group for startups from the world over whose solutions can contribute to reinventing the customer experience of tomorrow. This initiative, one of the pillars of LVMH’s innovation policy, deepens collaboration between LVMH Maisons and the startups in order to invent forward-thinking products and services for the luxury industry.

In a 220-square-meter workspace at Station F, the world’s largest incubator,     La Maison des Startups LVMH supports entrepreneurs in driving innovative ideas forward thanks to three pillars: learning through direct contacts with experts from LVMH Maisons, business coaching by a dedicated team and targeted networking with talents from the LVMH ecosystem and other entrepreneurs.


Twenty-six young enterprises have joined La Maison des Startups LVMH this year, proposing solutions in nine categories, spanning awareness, omnichannel, logistics, clienteling, in-store experience, data, personalization and more. They include the winner of the 2019 LVMH Innovation Award, the startup 3DLook. Founded in the U.S., 3Dlook has developed a technology that scans the body using a mobile phone designed for fashion brands to allow them to deliver a hyper-personalized customer experience that is both intuitive and versatile.

With La Maison des Startups LVMH, the Group continues to share its commitment to excellence with entrepreneurs and work closely with them to craft the customer experience of tomorrow.

Stella McCartney and LVMH announce a new partnership to further develop the Stella McCartney House

Stella McCartney and LVMH have reached an agreement to further develop the Stella McCartney House.

The new partners will detail the full scope of this deal in September.

Ms Stella McCartney will of course continue as creative director and ambassador of her brand, while holding majority ownership.

The goal of this partnership will be for the Stella McCartney House to accelerate its worldwide development in terms of business and strategy, while of course remaining faithful to its long-lasting commitment to sustainable and ethical luxury fashion.

Ms Stella McCartney will hold a specific position and role on sustainability as special advisor to   Mr. Arnault and the executive committee members.

LVMH and Stella McCartney are delighted to open this new chapter together.

Bernard Arnault, Chairman and CEO of LVMH, declared: “I am extremely happy with this partnership with Stella. It is the beginning of a beautiful story together, and we are convinced of the great long-term potential of her House. A decisive factor was that she was the first to put sustainability and ethical issues on the front stage, very early on, and built her House around these issues. It emphasizes LVMH Groups’ commitment to sustainability.

LVMH was the first large company in France to create a sustainability department, more than 25 years ago, and Stella will help us further increase awareness on these important topics.”

Ms Stella McCartney added: “Since the announcement of my decision to take full ownership of the Stella McCartney brand in March 2018 there have been many approaches from various parties expressing their wish to partner and invest in the Stella McCartney House.

While these approaches were interesting none could match the conversation I had with Bernard Arnault and his son Antoine. The passion and commitment they expressed towards the Stella McCartney brand alongside their belief in the ambitions and our values as the global leader in sustainable luxury fashion was truly impressive.

The chance to realise and accelerate the full potential of the brand alongside Mr Arnault and as part of the LVMH family, while still holding the majority ownership in the business, was an opportunity that hugely excited me.

Partnering with M. Arnault, his family and LVMH is a big step for me and my family, but also the team at Stella McCartney. The brand has achieved so much since its launch, and this new partnership with LVMH is recognition of that work, but this I feel is just the start, and I look forward to a brilliant future together”.

The closing of this partnership is subject to the usual conditions, in particular the approval of the competition authorities.

DARE Days: two days to accelerate projects led by LVMH intrapreneurs

Pursuing the DARE LVMH intrapreneurial initiative (Disrupt, Act, Risk to be an Entrepreneur), the Group organized the DARE Acceleration Days on June 18-19. The two-day agenda included a series of workshops – including networking, mentoring and master classes – designed to accelerate 20 projects identified during DARE events.  

Launched in 2017, the DARE LVMH program (Disrupt, Act, Risk to be an Entrepreneur) embodies LVMH’s commitment to providing its talents with a channel enabling them to express their vision of innovation and transform this vision into concrete projects. Since this launch five DARE events have taken place around the world – in Paris,  Venice, Shanghai and New York – centered on themes ranging from reinventing the future of luxury, the environment and gender equality.

© Nora Houguenade

Several DARE projects were presented this year during the EllesVMH event organized to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 13: Shero, an internal digital platform for sharing inspiring content (videos, podcasts and more) designed to empower the women of LVMH and achieve gender parity, along with the EllesVMH Inclusion Index. Both projects encourage a conversation around diversity across LVMH. Other DARE projects were presented during Viva Technology 2019, including Canvas of the Future, featuring Louis Vuitton bags with built-in screens.

To celebrate the success of the DARE program over the past two years, the DARE Acceleration Days welcomed 20 of the most active DARE intrapreneur teams in order to boost the development of their projects.

© Nora Houguenade

The agenda included networking sessions with 13 startups from La Maison des Startups LVMH, the Group’s incubator at Station F, coaching sessions with 33 top managers from the Group and the Maisons, plus master classes and workshops led by LVMH experts. The two days offered the DARE teams a chance to pitch their solutions and find potential internal sponsors.

“The DARE Acceleration Days further strengthen LVMH’s commitment to supporting intrapreneurial initiative. We’re extremely proud to see all these talents from around the world continue to apply themselves with such passion to advance projects in which they really believe,” says Chantal Gaemperle, LVMH Group Executive Vice President Human Resources and Synergies.


Veuve Clicquot x Women: Veuve Clicquot unveils results of its first international female entrepreneurship barometer

Over the years Veuve Clicquot has forged a community of women whose energy and experience nurture and strengthen female talents in the entrepreneurial world. Now the Maison is releasing the results of an international survey that maps out the current state of female entrepreneurship, identifying common prejudices, as well as mental and structural barriers to be addressed and overcome. The complete report was unveiled at the Veuve Clicquot x Women event held on June 11th at 3 Mazarine in Paris. The event continues the conversation with all those avid to encourage a new generation of bold, audacious women.

Madame Clicquot had but a few moments to consider the bold decision she made in 1805 when she took over the family champagne-making enterprise at a time when women were excluded from the world of business. Her fearless audacity remains at the heart of Veuve Clicquot’s DNA today. In homage to her legacy, the Maison created the Veuve Clicquot Business Woman Award in 1972 and the “Prix Clémentine” New Generation Award in 2014. Since the creation of these awards, Maison Veuve Clicquot has recognized more than 350 women in 27 countries worldwide for their entrepreneurial drive and exceptional accomplishments.

Today Maison Veuve Clicquot is proud to affirm its commitment and embolden successive generations of audacious women who lead. On June 11th, pursuing a conversation that began in 1805 with current day eminent Role Makers, Veuve Clicquot invites women to dare, to be bold, to take the plunge, and thereby contribute to real change in the real world.

At an event presenting the results of its first international women entrepreneurship barometer spanning France, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Japan and Hong Kong, Veuve Clicquot brought together 18 inspiring women – including Venus Williams, Nora Hamzawi, Axelle Lemaire, Alice Zagury and Camille Morineau – to talk about their journeys and discuss relevant issues. The goal was to create a space where women can share their experiences. Moderated by Lauren Bastide, the discussions highlighted the barriers – sometimes unexpected – that women face when they embark on an entrepreneurial path. Through their compelling first person stories, these Role Makers put forth ideas and solutions for leading change.

Vénus Williams © Veuve Clicquot

In France, 91% of female “wantrepreneurs” feel that women entrepreneurs are inspiring, yet only 12% of women can name a successful female entrepreneur*. To address this, Veuve Clicquot aims to play a lead role and make a concrete contribution to social change.

“We are taking our commitment even further because we want to encourage women to be bold, to affirm their talent and to take the entrepreneurial plunge,” says Jean-Marc Gallot, Chief Executive Officer of Maison Veuve Clicquot. “That’s why we will continue conducting our survey and expand it to new countries.” The objective, he says “is to recognize the women – and men – who take action. The Role Makers, with their wealth of abilities and expertise, inspire and apply their energies to helping women forge their own destinies so that they can in turn inspire the generations to come. And we know that Madame Clicquot would surely approve!”

Follow this link to see the complete survey report:

*Survey conducted by Market Probe with a representative sample of 10,171 persons in five countries. The survey results were analyzed by BETC Corporate.

LVMH x VivaTech 2019 – Day 3: The Future Starts Now

On this third and final day of the Viva Technology 2019, LVMH put its passion for innovation on full display for the general public.

After all, the Group has more than 70 exceptional companies, constantly striving to reinvent their crafts, with respect for their roots and traditions.

This last day starts for the visitors with a reality virtual experience “I Never Promised You A Garden” created by Pastor Placzek and broadcasted during the Arles VR Festival.

© Sylvain Bachelot

Hélène Freyss, Group Communication Director, highlighted those pillars of the world’s foremost luxury purveyor’s success, recalling that each of its Maisons creates products that combine know-how and heritage with an inherent ability to innovate.

An Icon’s Renaissance

A huge restoration project has been underway in the heart of Paris for several years, and it is this project that Séverine Chabaud, La Samaritaine’s Communications Manager, came to unveil to the visitors of VivaTech. In April 2020, the legendary department store will show off its new corrugated glass facade, created by Japanese agency Sanaa, as well as its revamped historic Art Nouveau glass roof.


© Sylvain Bachelot

Future Culture

The 2019 edition of Viva Technology could not end without providing a space for those who will carry out innovation in years to come.

In order to inspire future generations of innovators, Audrey Quievreux, LVMH’s Digital HR Manager, took the stage to present the Group’s new digital jobs, and the multiple career opportunities that exist within LVMH.

Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy

The LVMH Pavillon also presented innovations of a more holistic nature.

Ferréol De Bony, Merchandises Director of the Grande Épicerie de Paris, spoke about agroecology and urban agriculture, two environmentally friendly innovation implemented by the Parisian fine grocer to the delight of its customers.

Continuing on the foodtech theme, Chandon Trademarketing and Innovation Director Morgane Pont-Bruyns demonstrated the Maison’s new collaboration with Ripples, an Israeli startup that developed a solution to customize cocktail foam.

Health also had a place of honour: Anaïs Barut, winner of the 2016 Veuve Clicquot Business Woman Award and co-founding President of the Damae Medical start-up, provided a retelling of how, at the age of 21, she displayed the same boldness as Madame Clicquot by unveiling her innovative skin cancer diagnosis system. Barut delivered an inspiring look back at her journey and the obstacles she overcame.

And even as Viva Technology 2019 winds down, LVMH’s Maisons and coterie of startups are already working on the innovations that will drive the 2020 edition, proving that innovation really is in the Group’s DNA.


Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. Please drink responsibly.

LVMH x VivaTech 2019 – Day 2: The Rewards of Innovation

10:00 am: the LVMH Innovation Award winner is finally announced. Thirty startups from nine countries had been pre-selected by LVMH for the quality and ambition of their responses to the challenges of crafting the customer experience of tomorrow.

LVMH Chairman and CEO Bernard Arnault and Chief Digital Officer Ian Rogers presented 3DLOOK with the prize. The startup is specialized in mobile body-scanning technologies for apparel retail and other industries.

And, because LVMH’s Maisons continue to innovate by updating age-old traditions, Viva Technology was a natural arena for the Group to share its innovations.

© Gwenn Dubourthoumieu

Innovation as a Tradition

Being the world’s foremost luxury group implies a responsibility to preserve the industry’s traditions and know-how. It also requires the Group to keep searching for new processes, and new ways to approach often ancestral know-hows and precious materials.

The second day’s first speaker was Julien Tornare, President of watchmaker Zenith, who spoke of the meeting between traditions dating from 1865 (the year of the House’s founding) and 21st-century technologies, evoking how the passion of its artisans contributes to their craft’s constant evolution.

Demonstrating that digital assistants can strengthen the intimate bond between brands and consumers, Acqua di Parma President Laura Burdese described the integration of the Italian company’s Barbiere universe with Google Home and Alexa assistants.

Over at Ruinart, Cécile Riffaud and Aurélie Doré, respectively the House’s Head of International Marketing and Manager of Digital and Consumer Engagement, explained how the company combines tradition and modernity, while strengthening the link between luxury and digital content.

© Gwenn Dubourthoumieu

New Ways for Brands to Tell Their Stories

Jean-Denis Mariani, Chief Digital Officer of Guerlain, then spoke about the contribution of digital advances to the richness of storytelling, drawing on his team’s recent experience with a fragrance launch.

Hublot and Bvlgari revealed their own immersive strategies: Hublot showed off Digital Boutique, a 360-degree virtual reality that allows customers to contact the House directly, while Bvlgari demonstrated Tovch, a device that infuses luxury into the heart of the Internet of Things.

Geeks with a Taste for the Finer Things

Cutting-edge technologies that are often invisible to the consumer were also brought to light. Leslie Serrero, Dior’s Senior VP of Global Client Development, Marketing & E-Retail, then delineated the luxury universe’s specific data-collection issues with her talk on artificial intelligence.

Robotics in service of Hennessy’s vineyards was the topic of Research and Innovation Coordinator Xavier Poitou and Vineyard Market Products Manager Guillaume Delprat’s talk: The two explained how the House expected to achieve its “zero pesticide” goal thanks to TED, their robot.

© Gwenn Dubourthoumieu

A Passion for Entrepreneurship

On the entrepreneurship front, the afternoon saw Laetitia Roche-Grenet, Business Synergies Director at LVMH House, and Léa Baudin, an intrapreneur at LVMH, discussing the DARE program, a revolution in the group’s corporate culture that encourages in-house innovation.

Later, Laetitia Roche-Grenet was joined by Olivier Le Garlantezec, Partnerships Director within LVMH Digital Department, and three of the startups that LVMH incubated as part of its “La Maison des startups” accelerator at Paris’ Station F to discuss their experience.

Come back to the LVMH Pavillon on the third and last day of Viva Technology 2019 for an open-house full of discovery, innovation, savoir-faire and entrepreneurship! The future is now…


Startup 3DLOOK wins third edition of LVMH Innovation Award, organized in conjunction with Viva Technology 2019

On the second day of the Viva Technology show, Bernard Arnault, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of LVMH, and Ian Rogers, Chief Digital Officer of the Group, presented the LVMH Innovation Award to the startup 3DLOOK, specialized in mobile body-scanning technologies for apparel retail and other industries.

Launched with considerable success in 2017, the LVMH Innovation Award was presented on May 17th during a ceremony at the Viva Technology international innovation showcase attended by LVMH employees, startups and participants. The 30 finalist startups, 63% of which are based outside France, were selected by LVMH out of hundreds of applicants to compete for the prize and showcase their innovations at the Pavillon LVMH.

The theme for the Pavillon LVMH this year is “Crafting the Customer Experience of Tomorrow”. Alongside 24 LVMH Maisons, the 30 finalist startups presented their solutions to elevate the customer experience throughout the show, each contributing to one of the eight stages in the customer journey identified by LVMH.

A prime-time highlight of Viva Technology, the LVMH Innovation Award was created to identify and actively support the development of startups while encouraging a virtuous circle of dialogue between LVMH Maisons and the finalist startups during three days of demonstrations and pitch sessions. This approach connects with the LVMH Group’s core values of creativity and innovation, excellence and entrepreneurial spirit.

“Most of the candidates who applied this year were from outside of France which reflects the success of this award and gives these young startups tremendous exposure at one of the world’s prime showcases for innovation. LVMH is focused on crafting the customer experience of tomorrow that is more compelling and memorable than ever thanks to synergies between our Maisons and the finalists in the LVMH Innovation Award,” said Ian Rogers, Chief Digital Officer of the LVMH Group.

3DLOOK was founded in 2016 in Silicon Valley by Vadim Rogovskiy, Alex Arapov and Ivan Makeev, who created a way to measure the human body using only a smartphone. The technology developed by 3DLOOK guarantees that the clothes purchased will perfectly match the measurements of the customers. 3DLOOK is the first company to successfully develop a technology able to process and measure the human body from just two photos. Its solutions empower its customers – brands, retailers and e-commerce businesses – to deliver hyper-personalized customer experiences across all channels. As the winner of the LVMH Innovation Award, 3DLOOK will receive personalized support from the LVMH Group to drive its development as part of La Maison des Startups at the Station F incubator.

“It is a great honor to be recognized by the LVMH Group. It will be a fantastic opportunity to build relationships with all the LVMH Maisons and to help us facing new challenges!”, says Vadim Rogovskiy.

Five startups, including 3DLOOK, had a chance to present their innovations on the main stage during the LVMH Innovation Award ceremony:
• 3DLook (USA) develops mobile body-scanning technologies for apparel retail and other industries. The app measures the customer’s shape & size with just two photos on any background, for online or in-store shopping.
• DigitalGenius (UK) puts customer support on autopilot by understanding conversations and automating repetitive processes.
• Euveka (France) proposes a connected mannequin that revolutionizes the prototyping and apparel design process. The solution adapts as closely as possible to the evolution of the human body.
• Evrythng (UK) is a smart products platform that gives a digital identity to physical objects.
• Slyce (USA) is a visual search and image recognition technology for retailers and brands. It allows users to identify an object when they see it.

LVMH x VivaTech 2019 – Day 1: Human After All

Following a kick-off of the event with a few words to the start-up’s representatives by LVMH Chief Digital Officer Ian Rogers, the day got off to its proper start with a presentation that couldn’t be more on-topic. Gianluca De Santis, CDO of Thélios – a joint venture combining LVMH and Marcolin’s expertise, as two groups brought together over their same vision for the future of eyewear, gave a presentation entitled “Innovations as Building Blocks Bringing You Closer to the Human Being”.

The human-centric theme was reprised as Bvlgari presented its the “Dream Machine”, a device that puts users at the centre of an entirely different, virtual reality-based experience.

The first half of the 30 start-ups competing for the LVMH Innovation Award then took the stage to present their innovations to professionals and members of the general public alike, while in the CEO Forum, Norbert Leuret, LVHM’s Japan Group President was joined by Ian Rogers for a talk on the luxury customer experience in Japan as its economy experiences a long-overdue upturn.

Ian Rogers, CDO LVMH © Gabriel de La Chapelle

Virtual Retail, Very Real Entrepreneurship

Back in the Pavillon, the afternoon was centered around virtual and augmented realities, as Francis Kurkdjian (co-founder and artistic director of perfumer Maison Francis Kurkdjian) presented an intriguing device that adds fragrances to virtual reality alongside developer Vaqso’s CEO, Ken Kawaguchi. Emilio Pucci’s Social Media and Digital Communication Manager Luana Palumbo was then joined by Smartzer founder Karoline Gross to discuss their implementation of interactive and shoppable video experiences across the House’s e-commerce site, Instagram campaigns, and point-of-sale touchscreens.

Later, LVMH Digital APAC Technology Lead Markus Boelter  discuss what he learned while building a clienteling system on China’s main e-commerce, WeChat.

Entrepreneurship, and the women driving it, were given center-stage with a talk bringing together three women-led beauty start-ups supported by Sephora Stands, the social and environmental programme of the brand.

Flavia Gorayeb, Leather Goods Merchandiser at Fendi and former LVMH DARE participant, then gave a talk about the bracing risks and challenges of being an “Intrapreneur” within the greater LVMH family.

Finally, CEO and Founder of Shanty Biscuits, Shanty Baehrel, then delighted the audience with her retelling of the journey she undertook to become “the Bisqueen.”

Startups pitch session © Gwenn Dubourthoumieu

Building a Better World

Pitches from the other fifteen Innovation Award contestants soon followed, as a fascinating round-table, moderated by Pierre Louette (Chairman and CEO of Groupe Les Échos) began on Stage One, bringing together luminaries Tristan Harris (Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Center for Humane Technology), Sophie Bellon (Chairwoman of Sodexo), Alex Dayon (President and CSO of Salesforce), Natalia Vodianova (Co-Founder of Elbi), Jimmy Wales (Founder of Wikipedia), who all brought their expertise in tech and ethics to a conversation about building tech for a better world.

The day ended as La Samaritaine Project Director Mikael Guery gave us an update on the impending rebirth of iconic Parisian department store, slated for 2020, touching on the ways a brick-and-mortar store can differentiate itself and deliver a top-notch experience to ever-more demanding and sophisticated customers in an increasingly digital world.
Our first day at the LVMH Pavillon set the tone for this new edition of Viva Technology: come back on Friday, as new innovations are highlighted by LVMH, and the Innovation Award winner is announced. Tomorrow is already here…

LVMH x VivaTech 2019: Crafting the Customer Experience of Tomorrow

This year at the Viva Technology summit, LVMH will be opening the doors to its 500-square-meter Pavillon, inspired by 19th-century World Fairs – the global technological and industrial showcases of their day. This year, LVMH will be showcasing the work of its various Maisons, alongside innovations by thirty international start-ups that have answered its call for solutions to “Crafting the Customer Experience of Tomorrow”.

The Pavillon itself presents eight discrete areas, retracing the client journey itself. It will allow visitors to find themselves at the center of the customer experience, from the exploration phase through payment, omnichannels, and even CRM.

Every day from May 16 to 18, come back to The Daily Pavillon to get your fill of the day’s exchanges between the leaders, craftspeople, and innovators gathered at the season’s can’t-miss event.

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