IME Master Classes

The LVMH Institut des Métiers d’Excellence (IME) designs custom-tailored sessions for the apprentices and trainees in its programs around Master Classes.

e-Celebration IME 2020


The artisans and people of LVMH Maisons are recognized the world over for their exceptional expertise. They are committed to sharing their savoir-faire with new generations of talents. To support this transmission, the IME organizes Master Classes, providing unique opportunities for apprentices to engage directly with experts, artisans and creative talents from across LVMH.

Each year the IME organizes four different types of Master Classes.

Master Classes in specific métiers enable apprentices and trainees to learn about, try and understand specific skills with experts from LVMH Maisons. For example, students from the jewelry-making vocational program were invited to a Master Class at Bulgari in Italy. During the session, students had a chance to visit Bulgari’s production workshops in Valenza. They also discovered the High Jewelry atelier and the gemology center in Rome, and had a chance to admire exceptional pieces displayed at Bulgari’s mythic boutique on Via dei Condotti in the heart of Rome.

Cultural Master Classes let students discover an exhibition in depth during a guided tour.

Cross-disciplinary Master Classes bring together apprentices from several different programs, enabling them to discuss their respective métiers and better understand that they all share common values as part of an exceptional luxury ecosystem..

General Assembly Master Classes bring together all IME apprentices for a discovery of an LVMH Maison. Together, the apprentices from different cohorts apply their techniques, working from a brief given to them several months earlier. They then discover the creations the same brief inspired for their counterparts from the other classes.