Creative Métiers

Artistic Director, Cosmetic Formulator, Fashion Stylist, Textile Designer, Perfumer, Retail Architect, Visual Merchandiser and more…

Creative métiers encompass activities related to the creation and design of products and client experiences, as well as the development and presentation of a Maison’s image.

These métiers require analysis, creativity, curiosity, forward thinking, organization, team spirit and agility.

Creative métiers are anchored in passion.

Discover some of our Creative Métiers.

Artistic Director


As a creative visionary, the Artistic Director is the custodian of a House’s heritage. They supervise the creation of collections and help develop the brand’s image.

His/her missions are:

  • To observe fashion trends and know how to anticipate customer needs
  • To analyze product/market information
  • To propose collections that are in line with the continuity of the House’s history
  • To work in close collaboration with the workshop’s savoir-faire
  • To lead and approve research into textiles, shapes, motifs and cuts
  • To give artistic inspiration by defining the image of the House and its visual identity
  • To establish an artistic line that should be visible throughout the whole production, including capsule collections, events and shows

To create fragrances in line with the identity of the Houses they represent, taking care to identify and check the quality of raw materials.

His/her missions are:

  • To manage the collection of raw materials, renew stocks, maintain optimum storage conditions, and perform a regular olfactory check
  • To evaluate the stability and development over time of raw materials before and after assembly
  • To identify innovations, trends and the creation of new natural and synthetic raw materials
  • To formulate fragrances in a creative and unique manner, translating the Houses’ identities into scents
  • To draw up the specifications for each fragrance, listing precisely the quantities, methods and formulas for their raw materials
  • To intervene at every stage of production in order to check the quality of the raw materials and their conformity with the reference fragrance
  • To master the regulatory and environmental requirements relevant to the industry and be present at product safety tests

Thanks to their creativity, excellent mastery of visual merchandising techniques and commercial flair, Visual Merchandisers help to grow sales and guarantee respect for the Houses’ visual identity within the stores.

His/her missions are:

  • To create product displays, window presentations, and establish the collections in the stores in the network
  • To carry out regular visits to the stores to ensure that visual merchandising is correctly implemented and maintained in store
  • To create boards, simulations and 3D visuals; to develop communications materials (guidelines & books)
  • To help to organize product shoots, press showrooms or customer events
  • To source manufacturers for the Visual Merchandising elements

The Retail Architect defines the architectural identity of the Houses’ points of sale and ensures that it is implemented and monitored in existing and future stores.

His/her missions are:

  • To define the architectural concepts for sales areas and draw up management documents, technical drawings and plans so that architectural guidelines can be developed for the Houses
  • To anticipate new merchandising and interior architecture trends
  • To compile consultation dossiers for companies and service providers and launch calls for tender
  • To ensure that schedules and budgets are respected when carrying out projects
  • To liaise between the architectural teams, sales teams and marketing teams working at the points of sale