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True to the House's spirit of innovation, Chandon Argentina was the first Moët & Chandon daughter company to establish itself overseas. It produces fresh, elegant wines which are the result of exceptional savoir-faire and terroir.

Creation date: 1959
Estate Director: Hervé Birnie-Scott
Head office: Lujan de Cuyo, Agrelo, Mendoza - Argentina


Chandon Argentina was born of the visionary approach of Jean de Vogué, the Chairman of the House in the 1950s. Realizing that wine-growing regions other than Champagne were able to produce quality sparkling wines, he asked winemaker Renaud Poirier to travel the world in search of terroirs with the best potential. His journeys took him to Mendoza, a renowned wine-growing region in western Argentina. Its chalky soils, large day-to-night temperature variations and semi-desert climate provided optimum conditions to make wines with remarkable concentration, structure and balance. That is how Chandon Argentina began life in 1959. Benefiting from 270 years of Moët & Chandon experience, the estate combines traditional French savoir-faire with the excellence and diversity of Argentine soil: by blending a wide variety of grapes from terroirs in the region, Chandon Argentina produces wines that are internationally-renowned for their harmony.

Winery - Bodega Chandon Argentina © Chandon Argentina


Chandon Délice is a sweet and refreshing sparkling wine, revealing pronounced aromas of tropical and citrus fruit.
It is a symbol of the unique Chandon style, combining pinot noir and chardonnay with late-harvested semillon and petit manseng.

Photo of a bottle of Chandon Délice © Chandon Argentina


Profile of Hervé Birnie-Scott, Estate Manager © Chandon Argentina

” Chandon’s soul is chardonnay and pinot noir. The assemblage of varieties and terroirs constitute the foundations for the creation of its unique style. This style manages to express itself in its purity and aromatic precision, as well as in its identity and freshness. Its palate translates the softness and creaminess and features a vibrant and elegant finish. “


Inspired by the baroque style of 17th and 18th century gardens, the Chandon Argentina estate includes some surprising French-style gardens. They feature hedges trimmed into geometric shapes, and symmetrical flowerbeds, herb gardens and bushes. Ornamental fountains embellish these gardens, which are mostly given over to wide open spaces. Staying tastefully true to the French traditions it has inherited, the architecture of Chandon Argentina reception building is inspired by French orangeries, and is bathed in light thanks to picture windows which offer a unique view of the gardens.

Reception building at Chandon Argentina © Chandon Argentina
Food Pairing Baron B - Bodega Chandon Argentina © Chandon Argentina


The Chandon Argentina terroir, located in the foothills of the Andes cordillera, boasts unique assets which help the House to produce exceptional wines. The altitude of the vineyards, at between 980 and 1,500 meters, ensures vast temperature variations all year round, with generally cool average temperatures. These conditions produce grapes with greater acidity and less sugar, and therefore fresher, lighter wines, important characteristics in the production of sparkling wines. Given the sandy clay nature of the terroir, the vines extend their roots deep into the soil to find the water they need. As a result, the vine stock produces larger grapes with fuller tannins, which in turn are made into sparkling and still wines with intense fruity aromas.

Cellar - Bodega Chandon Argentina © Chandon Argentina

Key figures

  • 1959 Date Chandon Argentina was founded
  • 1st on the Argentine premium sparkling wine market
  • 1,500 meters. Altitude of the estate's highest vineyards