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Founded in 1973 by Moët & Chandon, Chandon Brazil is an alliance of Champagne savoir-faire and the exceptional climate of Serra Gaúcha.

Creation date: 1973
Winemaker and Operations Director : Philippe Mevel
Head office: Rod. Sao Vendelino, Garibaldi 95720, Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil


In the 1970s, when Moët & Chandon began taking an interest in overseas terroirs with a view to export its savoir-faire, the House quickly identified the town of Garibaldi in southern Brazil. Located in the foothills of the Serra Gaucha mountains, the area is part of a renowned wine-producing region with a warm climate that is ideal for the production of quality sparkling wines. Since that time, under the guidance of Philippe Mevel, the estate has pursued its quest for excellence and innovation. Chandon Brazil uses three grape varieties in the production of its wines: chardonnay and pinot noir imported from France and riesling italico (Welschriesling), a rare variety brought from Italy to Brazil over 100 years ago. Every year, the House produces several cuvées, among them are Chandon Passion and Excellence Brut Cuvée Prestige, two exceptional sparkling wines blended from the best grapes of the bunch, and Chandon Rosé, a particularly refreshing wine that is greatly appreciated by Brazilians.

Chandon Brazil estate, seen from the vineyards © Chandon Brazil


As the incarnation of the Chandon Brazil style, Chandon Excellence Cuvée Prestige is made from grapes that are harvested at the perfect point of ripeness. Made up of 35% chardonnay and 65% pinot noir, this sparkling wine is characterized by its yellow color with gold glints, and its fine, plentiful bubbles.

Visual of a bottle of Chandon Excellence Cuvée Prestige © Chandon Brazil


Profile of Philippe Mevel, Winemaker and Operations Director © Chandon Brazil

” When I arrived at Chandon Brazil in 1990, I was surprised by the excellence of the wines produced in the region. The teams and I decided to take this quality even further, by reinforcing the craftsmanship we had inherited through Moët & Chandon savoir-faire. We combined this with modern pruning techniques and new production methods, which take into account the character and personality of each grape variety.”


With its high-end products and sense of innovation, Chandon Brazil has become a key player in the Brazilian wine sphere, and a leader in the super premium sparkling wine category. Whether in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre or Brasilia, the estate’s wines are unanimously appreciated by the country’s exacting consumers.


Since its creation, Chandon Brazil has been producing sparkling wines according to the savoir-faire and exacting standards of the Champagne region. It embodies boldness and a spirit of innovation through new products which are made according to a great respect for tradition. The year 1998 saw the appearance of Chandon Passion, produced to celebrate the estate’s 25th anniversary. This cuvée combines original grape varieties such as Malvasia di Candia, from Italy, and Moscato Canelli, better known as muscat, with a more traditional grape variety: pinot noir. This blend gives Chandon Passion a unique personality and an intense pink color. Chandon Excellence Cuvée Prestige and Chandon Rosé were launched later, and produced according to the same method. Their unique style, a reflection of the estate that created them, is a combination of balance, softness and freshness, offering delicate fruity flavors.

Chandon Passion © Chandon Brazil

Key figures

  • 1st Brazilian estate to produce only sparkling wines
  • 52% the estate's share of the Brazilian super premium sparkling wine market
  • 1973 Chandon Brazil creation date