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Social & environmental responsibility

LVMH has made sustainable development a strategic priority since its founding.

This commitment concretely addresses the ethical responsibility of businesses in general, along with the distinctive role in society played by a group such as LVMH, both in France and around the world.


Our long-term commitments yield tangible benefits for society. LVMH views protecting the environment as not simply an obligation, but an imperative and a source of competitiveness. It is imperative because the long-term success of LVMH Maisons depends directly on preserving and respecting the natural resources they use to make their products. At the same time, this policy drives competitiveness, because taking environmental factors into account in our production processes makes them more reliable and sharpens our leadership. Our social responsibility is rooted in the fundamental principle of respect for people and their individuality.

This principle guides all our initiatives and practices to ensure that they reflect the highest standards of integrity towards all our partners. All our teams are actively engaged with this approach. Together, we are committed to making excellence a lever for social and professional inclusion in solidarity with our host regions and communities as we strive to cascade the positive social impact of our activities.


“Our position as a leader entails social and environmental responsibilities. We need to go further than simply meeting standards.” Bernard Arnault Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of LVMH


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