The LIFE (LVMH Initiatives For the Environment) program was created in 2012 to elevate the environmental performance of LVMH and its Maisons.

This program makes environmental imperatives an integral part of management processes and facilitates the creation of new environmental management tools while encouraging innovative practices at the different Maisons.

The LIFE program is implemented by the executive committee of each Maison as an integral component in the strategic business plan. It centers on nine key environmental performance factors. Each Maison establishes an action plan focused on strategic priorities, along with indicators to track performance.

LVMH took its environmental commitments to a new level in 2016 with the launch of LIFE 2020, which sets four concrete objectives shared by all Maisons:

Product objective: To mitigate the environmental footprint of product creation, by 2020 the Group aims to improve the environmental performance of all its products, covering the entire lifecycle.

Supply Chain objective: More closely monitor the traceability and conformity of the raw materials used to create our exceptional products while at the same time preserving natural resources and applying the highest standards across 70% of procurement chains.

CO2 objective: Reduce CO2 emissions by 25% by 2020, pursuing initiatives introduced to fight climate change. The LVMH Group pioneered a trend among businesses in 2002 by introducing carbon reporting at its Maisons. In 2015 LVMH again proved a trailblazer by creating an in-house Carbon Fund, announced during the COP21 conference.

Site objective: All sites will target an improvement of at least 10% in environmental performance indicators including water and energy consumption and waste production. The Maisons are also committed to improving their energy efficiency by 15%.

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