In 2020, five years after the Paris Agreement, the Group organized LVMH Climate Week — a full week of dialogue with its 150,000 employees to present the key priorities of the LIFE 360 (LVMH Initiatives For the Environment) program — which will guide the Group’s environmental initiatives over the next three, six and 10 years — and to encourage everyone to take up the call for action around a shared commitment to “Be The Change”.

LVMH Climate Week was also an opportunity for the Group to present 49 solutions identified with its partners. They include Desserto, a finalist in the LVMH Innovation Award 2020 competition, which has developed a plant-based vegan-leather made from cactus grown and produced in Mexico, which can be used to make leather goods or packaging. Another firm, Secante, makes custom LED lighting, while Celsius has developed a geothermal energy solution to heat and cool buildings, ensuring low-carbon comfort for occupants all year round.

Culminating LVMH Climate Week, the LIFE in Stores Awards celebrated the seven most virtuous and innovative solutions introduced by LVMH Maisons to reduce the environmental footprint of their stores.

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