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Confidences Particulières

Listen to the 1st series of Confidences particulières podcasts, and find out about the artisans and designers working for the Houses in the LVMH Group.

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From Paris to San Francisco, from Rome to Shanghai, from the Nappa Valley
to the vineyards of the Champagne region…
This 4th edition of the Journées Particulières takes you
behind the scenes at some exceptional heritage venues.

76 places
4 continents
77 places4 Continents

Estates, workshops, manufactures,
family residences and boutiques:

choose your visits and destinations from a selection of 77 venues, 40 of which are iconic. A total of 56 Houses in 14 countries will open their doors to visitors. This year’s event includes venues in Germany, the United States, Argentina, New Zealand and Australia.

The weekend is geared towards ensuring that visitors enjoy a sensory experience, packed with key moments, reorganised tours and the opportunity to meet the designers and artisans of each of our brands’ Houses.