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Created to recognize and stimulate Diversity and Inclusion initiatives across the Group
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LVMH created the Inclusion Index in March 2018 to recognize Diversity and Inclusion initiatives throughout the Group. Sharing D&I initiatives among LVMH Maisons stimulates them to go even further.

“People make the difference.” This deep-rooted belief underlines the fact that the unique personalities and talent of LVMH’s people figure at the very heart of the Group’s performance. It articulates an ethos that guides LVMH’s human resources policy: each person has a unique profile, and bringing together differences is an essential key to success.

Designed by a team of five LVMH employees – from TAG Heuer, LVMH Fashion Group, Le Bon Marché, Sephora and Louis Vuitton – during a DARE event on gender equity, the Inclusion Index was launched to measure and stimulate initiatives by LVMH and its Maisons to achieve better gender balance within the Group. The Inclusion Index has since broadened its scope to include initiatives related to inclusion of the LGBTI community.

To date some 150 initiatives to support gender equality or the LGBTI community have been identified. Each year since the creation of the Inclusion Index, LVMH recognizes standout initiatives by presenting awards for their contribution to the fight discrimination against LGBTI people and to supporting the professional growth of women in all roles at every level of the organization.

The 2020 Inclusion Index Awards singled out seven initiatives that promote gender equality, including the “Vignoble au Féminin” program launched by Hennessy in 2013 to spotlight the role of women in viticulture by hosting exclusive events during which these women share their passion for their métier. Another winner was the FUN.TECH. FUTURE program developed by Sephora in Poland to encourage women living in support housing or with host families when they first join the workforce. “Balance For Better”, a concierge service for families of LVMH employees in Japan that already counts over 6,500 beneficiaries, also received an award. Each of these initiatives corresponds to one of the seven United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEP), which LVMH endorsed in 2013. These principles provide guidelines for action by businesses to improve working conditions for women and advance gender equality in the workplace.

This year the Inclusion Index Awards also celebrated initiatives to support inclusion of employees who are part of the LGBTI community. All LVMH Maisons based in the United States (LVMH Inc.) were recognized for the creation of “All LVMH Pride”, an LGBTQIA+ affinity community for all employees in the United States and their supporters. Sephora USA received an award for “Classes for Confidence”, makeup classes for transsexual or nonbinary communities. And Louis Vuitton Asia received an award for ensuring that partners of LGBTI employees are eligible for coverage under supplemental health insurance plans in a region where some countries do not recognize same-sex partnerships or marriages.

The awards were presented on June 26 during “Voices of Inclusion”, a special online event sponsored by LVMH Executive Vice President Human Resources and Synergies Chantal Gaemperle for all staff, organized from Group headquarters in Paris.

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