Responsible consumption at Moët Hennessy

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Promoting moderate consumption and responsible choices

As a world leader in luxury wines and spirits, with iconic Maisons, we invite our consumers to discover our heritage and savoir-faire, crafting experiences for them to savour. We are also fully aware that our first societal responsibility is to prevent risks associated with harmful alcohol consumption. Moët Hennessy is committed to promoting moderate consumption and responsible choices about alcohol for both our employees and consumers.

Crafting experiences requires us to help adult consumers make responsible choices about whether, when and how much to drink. Alerting and educating our consumers, customers and employees on risky behaviors such as excessive consumption or drunk driving is a priority. Some people should not drink at all, and we notably take a strong stance against underage drinking. We also believe that pregnant women should be better informed of the risks linked to the consumption of alcohol for their child.


Supporting public health

Moët Hennessy fully supports the World Health Organization’s goal of reducing harmful drinking by 20% worldwide, by 2030. We support public health policies and national regulations that are evidence-based and aimed at combating the harmful use of alcoholic beverages.

Along with the wider industry, we are committed to contributing to the collective efforts of preventing misuse and abuse.


Our Responsible Consumption Commitments

1- Empowering consumers

We will ensure we offer consumers clear information about our products, enabling them to make informed and responsible choices. From 2025 onwards, all new labels in our range will include information on alcohol and energy content, as well as responsible drinking guidance against underage drinking, drink driving, and drinking during pregnancy—where permitted by local laws—either directly on the label, or through QR codes.

Additionally, we actively contribute to funding Responsible Drinking and Equivalence campaigns across various markets. These initiatives are designed to discourage harmful drinking by advocating moderation and informed decision-making.

2- Educating & Raising awareness internally

Our corporate culture is built on moderation and responsible tasting, and we empower and educate our employees to be exemplary ambassadors of responsible consumption. We have developed compulsory training programmes and awareness campaigns for all of our employees.

3- Responsible Marketing

Moët Hennessy developed its first comprehensive Code for Responsible Communication and Marketing more than 15 years ago. In our pursuit of excellence, our Code has been regularly reviewed since then and we uphold stringent marketing ethics, ensuring we promote our brands responsibly.

We maintain the same high standards for advertisements disseminated online, via our websites and social media platforms. The targeted nature of digital advertising enhances our ability to connect with an appropriate audience – while making sure we limit minors’ exposure to our communications.

We are also committed to carefully select influencers we engage with, making sure their audience is primarily composed of adults and that any post they make on our behalf is responsible and transparent.

Every team member involved in marketing and communication receives training in our Code, guaranteeing that every aspect of our outreach is conducted with responsibility.

4- Collective actions supporting responsible drinking

Moët Hennessy joined the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking (IARD) in October 2021, the leading industry group dedicated to the promotion of responsible drinking. Moët Hennessy is committed to meeting IARD standards on digital marketing, consumer information, e-commerce and working with our industry peers to further the responsible drinking agenda.

Moët Hennessy is an ambassador for the global association “Wine in Moderation – Art de vivre” which brings together wine players from all around the world to demonstrate social responsibility.

Moët Hennessy also supports national industry initiatives for responsible drinking, such as in the US, Prevention & Moderation in France, and other local initiatives.

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