The LVMH Group launched the website WeCareForModels.com in 2018 to support the Charter on working relations with fashion models and their well-being, drawn up in September 2017 in conjunction with Kering.

The site reiterates the commitments made by the two groups and proposes expert advice for fashion models from nutritionists and coaches, encouraging them to play an active role in shaping their profession.

WeCareForModels.com drives momentum initiated by the Charter to promote responsibility, transparency and empowerment, reflecting the two groups’ active commitment to eliminating certain behaviors and practices that are not compatible with their values, while raising awareness among models that they have an active role to play in promoting these changes.

This initiative has strong support from the CEOs and creative directors of houses at the two groups, as well as other industry stakeholders such as Elle magazine. It is designed primarily for fashion models, but also for all those who play a role in their working conditions and well-being, spanning both the world of fashion and the public.

Group's intiatives

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