“Disrupt, Act, Risk to be an Entrepreneur”: DARE is LVMH’s global intrapreneurship program, developed by LVMH Open Innovation since 2017.

In line with LVMH values of creativity and innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and excellence, DARE invites each talent to share their ideas for business transformation, and to develop these ideas into concrete projects using startup methodologies – thus contributing to the growth and transformation of the Group.

The program has been at the forefront of the LVMH entrepreneurship movement since 2017, with a growing community of over 15 000 talents. It mobilizes talents in all Maisons, verticals, regions and savoir-faire across the Group.

The DARE platform is live all year long for talents to propose innovative ideas, connect and collaborate. With thousands of ideas on display across all business categories, the DARE platform is also a unique opportunity for Maisons to leverage collective intelligence at LVMH.

Talents are selected to live DARE events, organised online or physical on a regular basis, where they are provided all the startup tools and methodology to accelerate their projects and build teams with the support of Open Innovation experts, mentors and facilitators.

Participants are supported by mentors – CEOs from LVMH Maisons and external entrepreneurs –to help them refine their business model, test their prototype and prepare their final pitch. This is a unique opportunity for participants to see how their ideas stand up in the eyes of business experts.

At the end of each session, future intrapreneurs are invited to pitch their project to a jury of LVMH top executives and external experts or entrepreneurs. The winning teams receive support from LVMH sponsors to develop their project.

The program has already supported the launch and acceleration of over 52 innovative projects, including Shero (the global LVMH platform giving LVMH talent the power to realize their ambition), the Inclusion Index (the observatory and accelerator of Diversity and Inclusion within the Group), Nona Source (the first online resale platform which re-values deadstock fabrics and leathers from the most exclusive French Maisons de Couture) and Heristoria (a recently launched platform that curates and sells iconic millesime pieces from LVMH Maisons).

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