© Rob Bailey
© Rob Bailey

Transmission & Savoir-faire

LVMH and its Maisons are the custodians of an unparalleled heritage of time-honored craftsmanship and creative skills, and take great care in protecting and developing savoir-faire that has sometimes been passed on for centuries.

Our initiatives

Preserving these métiers and their traditions is essential to the enduring success of LVMH. The skills of our artisans guarantee the excellence that goes into crafting our products. This savoir-faire constitutes a unique, intangible heritage that lies at the heart of our appeal and aura around the world.

However, preservation does not mean stasis and nothing can be preserved without renewal and modernity. This is why LVMH provides ongoing support for its different sectors to ensure that young generations learn traditional artisanal and creative skills. The Group also encourages its suppliers to innovate and continually renew their own exceptional savoir-faire. To ensure the excellence of our products, we must secure the availability of the highest quality raw materials, which are often rare or subject to shortages.