LVMH Métiers d’Art

Transmission & Savoir-faire

LVMH Métiers d’Art is a grouping of highly specialized métiers unique in the world. Created by the LVMH Group in 2015, it spans a variety of manufacturing facilities and highly skilled craftspeople.


To preserve the manufacture of exceptional materials and engage with the future, LVMH Métiers d’Art supports transmission of skills, innovation and closer ties between its manufacturers and LVMH Maisons. LVMH Métiers d’Art supports artisans by continually stimulating their innovation, at the same time ensuring that LVMH Maisons enjoy access to exceptional materials.


LVMH Métiers d’Art is currently active in leather, exotic leathers and high-quality metal hardware around the world.

In leather, LVMH Métiers d’Art supports activities in France, Italy and Spain, covering every stage from raising livestock, with its partner Domaine des Massifs, to manufacturing luxury leather ready-to-wear, with Robans, as well as tanning and finishing, with Tanneries Roux, Masoni and Riba Guixà, in order to supply the most exquisite calfskin and lambskin leathers.

In exotic leathers, LVMH Métiers d’Art fields expertise in animal husbandry thanks to a network of animal welfare certified farms in Africa, Australia and the United States. It also owns the Heng Long tannery, a global leader in tanning and finishing of crocodilian leather, with operations in Singapore and Italy.

In addition, LVMH Métiers d’Art includes manufacturers Menegatti, GBJM and Jade, among the leading producers of high-end metal hardware for luxury brands in Europe and Asia.


LVMH Métiers d’Art has since 2016 sponsored an artist in residence program. Each year, the program invites an artist to discover one of its manufacturing facilities. This immersion leads to a singular artistic creation that elevates the raw materials and the exceptional expertise of the host manufacture.

Reflecting its commitment to ensuring that the manufacturing of exceptional materials actively engages with the future, the LVMH Métiers d’Art residency brings together the vision of an artist with that of the artisans who make the materials, stimulating creativity and innovative approaches to continually open new paths.

Anne-Charlotte Finel, Installation Passagers Paris Photo 2022 © Nicolas Brasseur

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