“You and ME”, the Métiers d’Excellence recruiting initiative

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Organized annually since 2015, the Métiers d’Excellence recruiting initiative enables a broad public to learn about career opportunities in creative, craft and customer experience professions that center on exceptional skills, thanks to a vast range of training and work/study programs or internships, as well as job offers in over 30 varied fields such as stylist, couturier, leather goods artisan and sales associate.

The event is one of the many actions taken by the Group to promote inclusion of young people from underserved neighborhoods and launches the recruitment campaign for the upcoming school year. It also provides an opportunity for outreach to other youth and people seeking reskilling opportunities, giving them a chance to talk to apprentices in the program, recruiters from LVMH Maisons and representatives from schools and universities and learn more about the Métiers d’Excellence at LVMH, as well as the programs proposed by the Institut des Métiers d’Excellence LVMH.

LVMH is once again reaching out to engage directly with future talented employees in the Group’s exceptional Métiers d’Excellence with a new edition of the “You and ME” tour. The event will travel to five French cities between February 15 and March 29. Launched in 2022, this initiative resonates with the LVMH Group’s commitment to inclusion by helping develop employability among both young generations and people seeking reskilling opportunities in creative, craft and client experience métiers (sales, hospitality, restaurants and much more). The tour enables interested candidates to identify targeted training programs and embark on paths to employment. The traveling vocational orientation and recruitment fair is a chance for participants to learn about the more than 280 exceptionally skilled professions practiced across the LVMH Group. Candidates can apply for more than 3,500 jobs available at LVMH Maisons in 2023 (including work/study programs, internships, plus fixed-term and permanent contracts).

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