September 29, 2010

Breathe by Royal van Lent
Inspired by nature


Royal van Lent and its Feadship brand, leaders in the luxury motor yacht market, unveiled their new concept for a "sustainable yacht", dubbed Breathe, at the 20th Monaco Yacht Show. For its latest creation, the Dutch shipyard applies the scientific principles of biomimetics, drawing inspiration from nature to enhance technology.

Feadship has designed a natural ventilation system for Breathe, inspired by… the zebra! The alternating black and white stripes on zebras have different heat absorption qualities, which in fact create a natural "breeze" on the surface of the animal’s coat. The ship’s deck uses the same concept of contrasting colors for natural cooling that reduces the need for air-conditioning.

The scales on the hull, made of natural materials, play the role of solar cells, while lighter-weight materials enable the use of a smart, eco-friendly propulsion system. Also inspired by the purity of nature, the boat’s translucent design pares down everything that is extraneous to keep only what is essential, namely transparency.

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