Vuarnet is the iconic French eyewear mountaineering brand founded by Jean Vuarnet in 1957. Dedicated to the best optical protection. Through, its know-how, of mineral lenses Eyewear. With a retro future touch and a spiritual sense of the outdoor. In 2023, the brand was acquired by Thélios, the LVMH eyewear expert.

Creation date: 1957
CEO: Alessandro Zanardo
Head office: 12 Cours Albert 1er 75008 Paris 8 - France


Jean Vuarnet’s legacy extends beyond the Mountains as an innovator and creator. He forged a Legend in the French Alps and US Moutains since 1957. As a renowned athlete, Jean won in 1960 the Olympic gold medal in ski racing. And he also pushed the boundaries on various other Alpine disciplines

inventing new ski technology, the Egg « Shuss » position, a car free Alpine Resort, the best eye protection in Altitude.

Vuarnet has its values and spirit deeply rooted into the sacredness of the Mountains. Worshipping such environment constitutes the very genesis of Vuarnet’s style.

In 2023, Vuarnet integrates LVMH through Thélios, the Group’s eyewear expert.

Jean Vuarnet in Legend 02, 1960


The legend of Vuarnet originated in the mountains, and the Glacier has been its emblem since 1974. This iconic eyewear reflects Vuarnet's history and craftsmanship, ensuring top-notch protection in all kind of situations. Widely embraced by famous mountaineers, the Glacier stands as a reliable companion for those navigating high altitudes.

Glacier Round Skilynx Vuarnet


© Thélios

“Vuarnet has a unique history, with a founder who is a French legend. Its iconic design, its unique know-how on mineral lenses and its brand purpose, are strong values that deserves to be preserved and perpetuated.”


The details of the Vuarnet signature, exemplified by the “V sur Ski” emblem meticulously engraved on each mineral glass, reflect the heritage of over six decades of the Maison’s Savoir-Faire. Crafted by skilled artisans in the Vuarnet factory in France, the mineral glasses are fashioned using manufacturing techniques that have remained unchanged since the brand’s inception. These lenses, composed of 100% natural and recyclable materials, exhibit unparalleled durability and resistance to scratches. Employing Lynx™ technology, Vuarnet mineral glass not only provides high-definition vision but also ensures exceptional longevity and optimum protection against the sun’s rays.

Key figures

  • 1960 Year of Jean Vuarnet’s victory at the Squaw Valley Olympics
  • 17 Steps of production to create the Vuarnet mineral glasses
  • 2024 Vuarnet is official license partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Games of Paris 2024