February 11, 2013



2013 is definitely the Year of the Serpenti. Bulgari is celebrating the myriad facets of its most emblematic icon in real style with a dazzling exhibition and a book that recounts the extraordinary tale of the reptile from the unique perspective of the celebrated Roman jeweler.

For more than 70 years the fascinating sang-froid serpent has graced Bulgari bracelets, rings, watches and belts with elegance, and sometimes  sheer extravagance. These exceptional pieces have been brought together for a retrospective at an equally exceptional venue, the jeweler’s flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York.

To mark the occasion, Bulgari wrapped a majestic iridescent snake around its façade. The installation of the exhibition by Fabien Iliou is every bit as spectacular, staging the ongoing dialogue between Bulgari and the brand’s history. The displays feature both legendary customers and little-known archive documents.

The exhibition is curated by renowned jewelry historian Marion Fasel, who has also written a book (published by Assouline, to be released in March 2013) recounting the creative odyssey of the Serpenti collection.

The exhibition was inaugurated on February 10 and will be open to the public until February 28.

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