July 5, 2013



While the epicenter of couture is certainly Paris, couture clients are resolutely cosmopolitan. For his third Dior haute couture collection, Raf Simons takes us on a dazzling journey to the crossroads of cultures.

The odyssey spans Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa, encapsulating the singular elegance of these different regions of the world. The silhouettes created by Raf Simons propose four distinctive archetypes of women who wear haute couture, each with their own style.

A tribute to the pure lines that resonate with Asia, certain pieces such as coats fastened like kimonos or dresses with a 3D motif and ultra-precise architectural construction dialogued with more fluid silhouettes set off by multicolored, wide open weaves, a flamboyant interpretation of the African woman.

The woman from the Americas is easily recognized by her nonchalant allure. Silhouettes shift from blue to red to white, an impertinent nod to the U.S. flag. The woman from Europe has timeless elegance. With her mischievous flair, she readily mixes an ultra-feminine Bar jacket with details borrowed from a masculine wardrobe.

Raf Simons’ staging is always eagerly awaited. For his third show he again surprised and amazed with a poetic, immersive décor. Four photographers—Patrick Demarchelier, Paolo Roversi, Terry Richardson and Willy Vanderperre—proposed their interpretations of the collection. Their images were beamed on the walls, enveloping the models to create an enchanted theater of light.

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