January 23, 2013

in bloom


For his second Dior haute couture collection, Raf Simons invited us into a bucolic garden of Eden, where nature reaffirms the splendor of its renewed cycles.

From the emergence of the first buds heralding the end of winter, to flowers in full bloom in mid-summer, the collection explored the rich diversity of seasons. In a tribute to Christian Dior’s beloved “Flower Women”,  Raf Simons delicately balanced the lyricism and restraint inspired by a generous and fecund muse.

“I wanted to do a very self-explanatory collection this season,” says Simons. “I wanted it to literally be about the season; to be about the very idea of spring.”  

The silhouettes seemed to progressively bloom amidst a sumptuous décor in the heart of the Tuileries gardens. Layering structured the story of the show. Deceptively simple shapes testified to remarkable technical process, the fruit of the combined savoir-faire found at Dior’s draping and tailoring workshops. 

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