August 22, 2012

Château de Bagnolet,


Built in 1810 on the banks of the Charente close to the town of Cognac, the Château de Bagnolet is one of the most magnificent estates in the region. The history of this exceptional property is inextricably linked with that of the Hennessy House.

In 1840 Auguste Hennessy, grandson of House founder Richard Hennessy, offered the Bagnolet estate as a gift to his wife Irène d’Anthès, the daughter of a land-holding aristocrat from Burgundy. An exquisite mix of styles, the Château’s whiteness and simplicity are reminiscent both of houses in Louisiana and Italian villas.

A conservatory added in 1876 makes the Château a natural paradise all year round. Visitors arrive in a light-flooded green area crowned by an expanse of glass and planted with bougainvillea, lemon trees, anthurium and hibiscus.

A poetic, timeless atmosphere emanates from the estate’s 100-hectare grounds. Rumour has it that King Francis 1 of France came here as a child to swim in the river at the foot of the Château.

It is at the Château of Bagnolet that the Hennessy House now receives prestigious guests having travelled from around the world to experience French-style art de vivre.

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