October 15, 2012

Hennessy V.S
by Futura


Hennessy is adding a third chapter to its collaborations with artists for a limited edition of its V.S cognac. After pairing with New York designer and artist KAWS, and the British duo Kesh and David Burrows, Hennessy asked legendary graffiti artist Futura to revisit the design of its Very Special bottle.

Widely known since he began painting on the New York subway in the seventies, Futura is consider the leader of the "abstract graffiti" movement. He was the first to do a "whole car" graffiti with no lettering. This distinctive approach to graffiti quickly became his signature.

For this limited edition of V.S, Futura drew inspiration from the warm amber color palette of the cognac. He incorporated elements from the history of Hennessy like the logo of an arm holding an axe in his sci-fi tinged environment, combining them in bright red and electric blue atomic symbol arcs.

This collaboration with Futura heightens the inimitable style of Hennessy Very Special, a cognac created through the art of assemblage, giving it a distinctively unique character, the fruit of a perfect alliance between velvety and bold notes.

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