February 3, 2012

Pushing the limits of alchemy


 Continuing its mastery in "the Art of fusion", Hublot announces an exciting discovery for the luxury watch and high jewelry segments: 18 carat Magic Gold. Using a highly sophisticated technology process, Hublot has combined 24 carat gold with boron carbide (a ceramic). The resulting gold is the hardest ever created and can be scratched only by a diamond.

Including ceramic gives the new alloy a strength of 1000 Vickers, compared with 400 Vickers for conventional 18 carat gold, and 600 Vickers for hardened steel. Magic Gold thus eliminates the age-old vulnerability of gold while preserving its natural qualities.

The Manufacture Hublot is now equipped to recreate this fabulous new material. The first watches made from Magic Gold will be presented at BaselWorld 2012.

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