June 13, 2012

"Gerhard Richter, Panorama"


With the sober title “Gerhard Richter, Panorama”, the exhibition at the Centre Pompidou proposes a tribute to a major figure in contemporary art. Presented in collaboration with the Tate Modern in London and the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin, the exhibition features over 150 works in an original display, designed with the artist himself.

Born in Dresden in 1932, Gerhard Richter has explored numerous pictorial styles, including photo-paintings, abstracts, still life, reproductions of masterpieces, monochromes, portraits and self-portraits. He pioneered the use of a squeegee to paint vast, abstract canvases.

Richter’s talent for continual reinvention makes him truly unqualifiable. While claiming to obey “no program, no style, no pretension”, he has nevertheless altered the history of painting. For him, art is “a means of survival in this world,” and he remains “very sure that painting is one of the most basic human capacities.”

These words resonate in the multiple facets of Richter’s talent on display at the Panorama exhibition, which runs until September 24, 2012. The exhibition is supported by the LVMH Group corporate philanthropy program.

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