May 21, 2012

work in situ"


 Since May 10, 2012, the Grand Palais has come to life in a stunning display of color, circles and plays of light by Daniel Buren. He is the fifth artist to enjoy the privilege of exhibiting under the vast glass vault as part of the Monumenta series. “Excentrique(s), work in situ” is an ode to both outsized magnificence and lightness.

The artist, who is famous for his use of 8.7 cm stripes, has once again drawn on simple visual elements to highlight the majesty of this venue “where we hear the rain pounding down, where we see the clouds floating by, and where the sun and the color of the sky come pouring in” (Daniel Buren).


In a break from tradition, the entrance is at the North door. Visitors wander through a colorful forest of 377 transparent plastic circles six to twenty feet in diameter, held up by three-inch square tubes. The light blue, golden yellow, orange and leaf green circles projected on the floor create a glade-like area from which to admire the beauty of the glass ceiling designed by architect Charles Girault.

Monumenta has been supported by LVMH since the first edition in 2007. LVMH’s corporate patronage enables a broad public, particularly young people, to experience contemporary art. “Excentrique(s), work in situ” is open for discovery until the first day of summer.

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