September 17, 2013

New York
Fashion Week


New York kicked off the month's suite of Fashion Week shows. As the autumn leaves begin to fall, Edun, Donna Karan and Marc Jacobs sent out their visions of Spring/Summer 2014. With graphic references,  ethereal fabrics and neo-military silhouettes, next year’s looks will definitely be sophisticated.

For the debut collection under creative director Danielle Sherman, Edun was bold in black and white. The young fashion house proposed a unified collection with strong contrasts where geometric prints were highlighted in minimalist cuts.

Donna Karan’s, ethnic inspiration translated into poetic silhouettes. Ethereal blocked print dresses took us to India, the cradle of this artisanal hand printing technique. The palette of blues gradually segued into warmer tones, as ocher, sienna and bronze brought a vibrant shimmer to fluid silk dresses. 

Then the apocalypse descended on New York. The Marc Jacobs show closed the frenetic week with an underground ambiance. Models with garçonne peroxide hair walked into an end of the world set wearing jackets with outsized shoulders and long dresses with chimney collars. The show was a brilliant conclusion to the week just hours before the first shows in London begin.

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