October 11, 2010

Rouge Dior,
haute couture lipstick


Like haute couture gowns and their shimmering fabrics, Rouge Dior is dazzling, bright and precious. Available in 32 hues, the lipstick is a tribute to 32 Dior haute couture creations from 1947 to the present. Three color collections—red, beige and pink—evoke the different facets of the Dior woman.

Symbols of quintessential femininity, the shades of red create beckoning sensuality, while the beige shades reflect impeccable elegance. Fresh and mischievous, the shades of pink reflect Monsieur Dior’s beloved "flower woman". Featuring the emblematic Dior canework motif, the Rouge Dior case is itself a precious object, enhanced by a touch of elegant midnight blue.

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