September 11, 2013

Best daily
paper 2013


Les Echos, the leading French business daily, won two trophies at the 2013Grand Prix des Médias awards, recognizing the newspaper’s continuing success since 2008.

Les Echos had previously won an award in the media category at the Grand Prix de la Presse Magazine awards and took home the Grand Prize at the 2013 Top/Com Corporate awards. Most recently, the paper’s advertising campaign  was named Best Media Advertising Campaign at the 2013 Grand Prix des Médias awards.

The powerful and engaged campaign clearly promotes the daily’s commitment to supporting business success with a signature that sums up its editorial position: “Place aux décisions” (Time for decisions).


This editorial stance earned recognition too when Les Echos was voted Best Daily Newspaper. This prestigious award validates the strategy of the Les Echos brand, which aims to constantly deliver superior quality information in all its media.

Equally important, these awards have been joined by impressive readership figures. The daily has been given two stars by French circulation bureau OJD, underlining the strongest upswing in sales among French dailies in 2012 and the paper’s continuing success since 2008. This performance confirms that readers approve of the editorial positioning established by Les Echos.

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