Edun Edun

Founded by Ali Hewson and her husband, the singer Bono, the aim of Edun is to promote trade in Africa by sourcing production through-out the continent.

Creation date: 2005
CEO: Julien Labat
Head office: 107 Grand Street, New-York, NY 10013 - United States of America


Founded in 2005 by Ali Hewson and her husband, Bono, Edun draws its inspiration and manufactures its products on the African continent. Its collections of clothing, accessories and jewelry are not only a reflection of local craftsmanship but also the expression of a new Africa, steeped in dynamism, creativity and a spirit of enterprise. Since its creation, Edun has forged partnerships with designers, producers and local manufacturers to create its unique collections. Edun supports many initiatives, as much in the artistic as in the agricultural, social and industrial spheres, all of which contribute to development in Africa.

Edun advertising campaign poster © Danielle Sherman


Africa has made a huge impact on the life of Ali Hewson and Bono, the two co-founders of Edun. They fell under the charm of a constantly-changing continent in their own way. For over 20 years, the committed artist and his wife are convinced that African countries need trade, to grow their economies, and more consideration as business partners.

Ali Hewson and Bono, the founders of Edun © Would be through Louis Vuitton


Created in 2009 by Edun and the Invisible Children society, the CCIU (Conservation Cotton Initiative Uganda) aims to support thousands of farmers displaced by civil war in Uganda. CCIU offers funding, and also provides support in terms of commercial and technical advice to promote quality organic cotton production using sustainable methods. More than 8,500 growers participate in the CCIU, which provides stable revenue for their families and local populations while preserving their ecosystems.

Panorama of a landscape in Kenya © Todd Selby


In 2014, Edun carried out 95% of its production in Sub-Saharan Africa, compared to 37% in 2011. This result is the product of huge efforts undertaken by the pioneering House, which is committed to its ambitious and complex approach. In 2013, the House presented a capsule collection that was entirely made with cotton produced by CCIU.

Key figures

  • 95% of production in Africa
  • 8,500 farmers registered for the CCIU (Conservation Cotton Initiative
  • 2005 Edun creation date