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Thomas Pink

In the finest tradition of British tailoring, Thomas Pink transforms shirt making into an art form, and perpetuates the savoir-faire of an iconic name that combines classicism and imagination.

Creation date: 1984
CEO: Jonathan Heilbron
Head office: 1 Palmerston Way, London SW8 4JL - United Kingdom


A London tailor, Mr Pink made history by creating the famous scarlet-red hunting coat. Designed in the 18th century, this coat immediately became known as a ‘Pink’ in tribute to its creator. Two centuries later, the House of Thomas Pink took a cheeky fox in a red ‘Pink’ coat as its emblem, thus expressing the same values of excellence, elegance and audacity. Each piece is an exercise in perfection, in keeping with the most impeccable tailoring of Jermyn Street, the London birthplace of the English shirt.

Crafted from the finest quality two fold cotton, Pink shirts are perfectly cut, comfortable and immaculately finished. Plain, printed, striped or check, they come in a wide range of colors to suit any occasion.

Window of the Thomas Pink store on Jermyn Street © Thomas Pink


“Over two centuries ago, a London tailor by the name of Mr Pink designed the
iconic hunting coat. Although the garment was made of scarlet cloth, from then on it was referred to as Pink in honour of its originator. Today, audaciously resplendent in my own hunting Pink, I serve as a reminder of Tailor Pink’s tradition of sartorial excellence.” The cheeky fox

Mr. Pink's cheeky fox © Thomas Pink


Jonathan Heilbron, President and CEO of Thomas Pink © Thomas Pink

“Once a symbol of the art and prowess of hunting, Thomas Pink has become the emblem of urban poise and confidence. With their classic silhouette enlivened by color and creativity, shirts are the armour of modern times, allowing today’s champion to win his daily battles, safe in the knowledge that he will always look good.”


“Jumpology”, or the science of jumping, earned its credentials with Philip Halsman, an American celebrity and fashion photographer. In 1952, when photographing the Ford family for the car manufacturer’s 50th anniversary, he had the idea of asking Mrs. Ford to jump in the air in front of the camera. Convinced that jumping forced his subjects to drop their masks and allowed him to capture a human being’s essence, from that moment on he asked them to play along with this exercise. He shot the most surprising and funny portraits of celebrities of the time, from the Duke and Duchess of Windsor to Marilyn Monroe and from Richard Nixon to Brigitte Bardot. In 1959, his book ‘Jump’ brought together over 170 jumping portraits. Thomas Pink follows this imaginative and artistic vision, with models leaping into the air in front of the lens perfectly illustrating the quirky personality of a brand that likes to combine classicism with a mischievous touch…..

Jumpology' by Thomas Pink © Kai Z Feng
Jumpology' by Thomas Pink © Kai Z Feng


Thomas Pink constantly pushes back the boundaries of innovation and creativity to give its clientèle new shirts. One of the most recent examples, the ‘Athletic’, is adapted to the broad shoulders and slim waists of athletic men. The ‘Independent’ was created to be worn under a jacket, with a collar specifically designed to be worn without a tie. These latest additions, as well as seasonal collections are presented at the prestigious London Collections Men, each year.

Thomas Pink during the London Collections © Thomas Pink
Jumpology' by Thomas Pink © Kai Z Feng

Key figures

  • 120 boutiques around the world
  • 1984 the date Thomas Pink was founded
  • 100 fabrics available to make Thomas Pink shirts

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