De Beers Diamond Jewellers

De Beers Diamond Jewellers
De Beers Diamond Jewellers

De Beers Diamond Jewellers

The Home of Diamonds since 1888, De Beers creates wondrous jewels with peerlessly beautiful diamonds to celebrate all of life’s events. 

Creation date: 2001
CEO: François Delage
Head office: De Beers Diamond Jewellers, 45 Old Bond Street, London W1S4QT, England


De Beers Diamond Jewellers was born from a joint-venture between LVMH, the global leaders in luxury products, and the De Beers Group of Companies, the world’s leading diamond company founded in 1888. The House celebrates the encounter between the masterpiece of nature that is the diamond, and the art of fine jewelry. The House uses its creativity, savoir-faire and expertise to showcase the natural brilliance of diamonds bringing light and femininity to each of their creations. As timeless emblems of purity and perfection, the collections and pieces created by De Beers Diamond Jewellers are powerful symbols that can be handed down through generations. Each creation is unique because it is designed to enhance the beauty of a diamond, a woman and an emotion. The style includes a resolutely contemporary note to reveal the full elegance of diamonds.

© De Beers Diamond Jewellers


De Beers pioneered the introduction of rough diamonds into modern jewellery with the launch of the Talisman collection. From rough to romance the collection touches the essence of our senses; transporting us back to our roots, to the time when a jewel was a talisman, a protector.

The Talisman Collection © De Beers Diamond Jewellers


Profile of François Delage, CEO of De Beers Diamond Jewellers © De Beers Diamond Jewellers

“De Beers Diamond Jewellers is where expertise meets emotion. Our peerless diamond mastery developed since 1888 combined with our eye for wondrous artistry is the De Beers difference. Our passion is in creating exceptional pieces of jewellery for our clients to celebrate all the beautiful and special moments of their life.”


De Beers individual selection process goes beyond the 4Cs to access the fire, life and brilliance of a diamond. The Fire of the diamond is the dispersion of light in the myriad of the diamond facets. The Life is the sparkle of the diamond. The Brilliance begins with the natural transparency of the diamond. It leads to the brightness of the diamond that captures the light and reflects it back to your eye. The character of each diamond is then showcased through each of its designs. The harmony of lines and shapes heightens the radiance of each diamond, enhancing the perfection of nature and allowing for maximum performance.

Beauty of design © De Beers Diamond Jewellers
Hand selected Diamonds © De Beers Diamond Jewellers


Only the most beautiful diamonds are selected by De Beers Diamond Jewellers and the House demonstrates this in each of its store with their unique diamond demonstrator, the Iris. The most brilliant diamonds have facets that shine simultaneously with the same intensity, creating a kaleidoscope of perfect harmony. To reveal the beauty of these precious diamonds, the Iris diffuses light through the diamond to enhance every single facet.

The De Beers Iris © De Beers Diamond Jewellers
Fire, Life and Brilliance © De Beers Diamond Jewellers

Key figures

  • 7,000 combinations available when creating an engagement ring using the For You, Forever service
  • 10 years it took to collect the rough and polished diamonds for the Talisman collection
  • 22 pieces in the new Aria Collection

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