Cape Mentelle

Cape Mentelle

Cape Mentelle

Situated in one of Australia's best regarded winemaking regions, Cape Mentelle produces exceptional wines, including a cabernet sauvignon whose international reputation goes beyond the borders of the island continent.

Creation date: 1970
Estate Director: Penny Dickeson
Head office: Cape Mentelle Vineyards 331 Wallcliffe Road Margaret River, Western Australia 6285


Cape Mentelle’s success was the result of a family’s labour of love and one man’s unfaltering belief that Australian wines belonged amongst the greatest of the world. Thanks to their determination and the award of prestigious wine trophies in the Estate’s early years, Cape Mentelle and its founder, David Hohnen, contributed significantly to putting Margaret River on the global map and establishing the region’s reputation in fine winemaking. Driven by a strong ethos of exploration, the team continues to strive to uncover new expressions of the terroir through variety exploration and bespoke techniques.

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“We spare no effort on the Cabernet, all our challenges are directed towards this varietal. We don’t select by block, not by row, not by vine but by cluster and this is very rare to put in that amount of effort, it’s micro-selection." David Moulton, Viticulturist

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“Our team today keeps alive the same curiosity and ethos of exploration of our founder. We are obsessed with giving the fruit the best chance to express itself freely and we do so through research and trials. The team doesn’t make any compromises on the quality or level of personal involvement required to reach our goals. We’re proud of our Aussie roots and we’re dedicated to making serious wines without ever taking ourselves too seriously! ”


Following the principles of precision viticulture, the Estate defines micro-sections within the vineyards and performs micro-vinification in the winery. Cape Mentelle nurtures its terroir and takes a hands-on approach in the management of the vineyards, carefully caring for each vine in order to produce the most refined and thought-provoking wines possible.

Cape Mentelle is the first winery in Western Australia to be accredited under the Sustainable Australia Winegrowing (ex-Entwine program). The team shares a love for the land and a deep commitment to sustainability that underpin every decision and operation. From 2019, the Estate is moving completely away from herbicides in its established vineyards, instead practicing mechanical and hand weeding, sheep and fowl grazing. Bio-diversity and eco-system conservation are at the heart of our practices with the introduction of natural predators for pest control, and a fully self-contained rain and surface water treatment system considered a model in our region.

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Margaret River : Surrounded by two oceans on three sides, the climate of Margaret River is unlike any other. One of the world’s most remote wine regions, with a rugged coastline bordered by native forests dotted with vineyards, it is a world away in style and geography from the warmer wine regions of Australia. Margaret River is a remote heartland and epicentre of Australia’s finest boutique vineyards, producing 20% of Australia’s ‘premium wine’ but less than 2% of its total production.

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Key figures

  • 2 Number of Jimmy Watson trophies won by our Cabernet Sauvignon in 1983 and 1984
  • 5 Km from the Estate to the ocean
  • 50 years of history celebrated in 2020