Chloé Cibulka

Environment Manager for sites and stores, LVMH

Chloé Cibulka
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An agricultural engineer by training, Chloé Cibulka has always been convinced that the environmental issues should be an integral part of business strategy. After gaining experience at several companies and creating her own business, she brought her talent and enthusiasm to the LVMH Environment Department.

“My work at LVMH involves managing waste, energy, water, transportation and sustainable construction for our production sites and stores. My objective is to help our Houses use their buildings more efficiently, to do more while consuming less. I develop pilot projects with stores around the world to help better understand energy consumption, and I coordinate initiatives such as environmental certification for the Group’s production sites.

These initiatives are supported by Environment correspondents at the different Houses. I enjoy the direct working relationships, since I both suggest opportunities for progress while listening closely to needs. We all share a strong conviction that making the environment an integral part of the business is a source of savings and drives excellence for our activities.

The LVMH Indicators for the Environment program, LIFE, which was launched in 2012 and has been deployed by all our Houses, encourages this awareness. The big innovation in 2015 was the announcement of a 6.2 million euro Carbon Fund. The idea is to put a financial value on greenhouse gas emissions, which are responsible for climate change, and thus facilitate investments to reduce energy consumption.

The creation of the Carbon Fund is no doubt the project of which I’m most proud. This is a trailblazing tool that few companies have created. It’s exciting to feel part of a major initiative that will really strengthen the LVMH Group’s commitment to protecting the environment.”