Satoe Uzawa

Store Manager, LOUIS VUITTON Japan

Satoe Uzawa

Satoe Uzawa understands the value of teamwork, and enjoys working with others while always focusing on what she can do for clients.

“After studying economics, I started at Louis Vuitton Japan as a new graduate. At the time I was new to sales and clienteling, but I observed the way my seniors and supervisors provided client service and gradually learnt from them. Thinking back, perhaps it was being in an environment with wonderful colleagues that showed me the joy of client service. I always had senior colleagues nearby whom I looked up to for their skills in following up with juniors, or for their great ability in handling clients, so I could see right there what it meant to work at Louis Vuitton.

As soon as I entered the company I could sense the value of teamwork. At first, it appears you’re working one-to-one with a client, but everyone is actually operating the store together. So I would always be thinking about the role of each staff member as part of the whole, and how we could improve store service.

I became a Team Manager in my fourth year, and was later assigned to a corporate role to support the stores. Then I became Assistant Store Manager at the Matsuya Ginza store during its renewal. At that time we had a special new product launch which took place for the first time in Japan. It was a big challenge to maintain grasp on the big picture while paying thorough attention to details, but it was a good experience. I encouraged the staff to realize that everyone combining their individual abilities together would drive the success of the renewal, and felt a sense of achievement when it went off without a hitch as a result.

In 2015 I was promoted to Store Manager. Louis Vuitton is a brand that values its staff, and I find myself in a work environment with a strong sense of belonging, where all members are motivated to support and learn from each other every day. Now, as a next step my aspiration is to make the most of our unity, and create a store that provides the best services to our clients so it feels like “home” to them. To do that I, frequently connect with my team members individually to coach and inspire them to grow. I feel rewarded when I see staff successfully achieve their goals, or when they’re assigned to and succeed in challenging new roles that they had been hoping for. With my team members, I get to experience the value and joy of teamwork every day.”