Valérie-Anne Creps

Head of Global Communications, Scotland, The Glenmorangie Company

Valerie-Anne Creps is inspired by the countries she has visited and the markets from which she has learned so much. Now based in Scotland, she is distilling down her knowledge for two intriguing whisky brands.

I have always been a curious person, excited to learn from others. So I feel privileged to have travelled widely with LVMH, exploring different ways of working – and sharing the skills I’ve mastered en route to The Glenmorangie Company.

A necessity for creativity and a real company spirit have always motivated me at Moët Hennessy, first as a junior brand manager for our burgeoning Russian affiliate; as Area Manager for the Commonwealth of Independent States region and later as Communication Director for the Russian market.

In each position I occupied, a stimulating environment and managers who were always ready to listen aroused the same curiosity inside me, the same passion and the same desire for results, with excellence as our guiding light. These useful qualities helped to answer the essential daily question: what can I do today that will make a difference tomorrow?

My new role as Head of Global Communications for Glenmorangie and Ardbeg Single Malts since 2016 blends my experience and aspirations. Here, I bring a deep understanding of the markets, gleaned from my previous position in Moscow where I worked with ten wines & spirits brands. The knowledge I gained informs my strategic thinking and empowers my team to drive our brands forward.

Glenmorangie and Ardbeg have distinct personalities – and I think there’s a little of each in me. Glenmorangie is renowned for the unseen lengths to which it goes – a philosophy I try to emulate. There’s a drop of Ardbeg’s untamed spirit in me too: I have always strived to apply bold approaches in developing communication strategies and events that would inspire and spark the interest of our customers.

Looking back, my journey within LVMH spurs me on to tell the world about the creative spirit behind each of our brands.