Recruiting new talented people brings us fresh perspectives. In our universe, people are central to the success of our Maisons. We thus continually seek talented individuals from a variety of backgrounds whose skills and unique profiles are invaluable as we build the future of LVMH.


Key figures

  • 150,000 Employees
  • 22,000 New hires in 2020
  • 76% of hires are Millennials


LVMH has created an extraordinary ecosystem that brings together people of 172 nationalities in 80 countries, with an average age of 33. Our skillsets encompass the entire value chain, from raw materials sourcing to retailing. This dynamic ecosystem is nurtured by the talent and diversity of people who each make their own distinctive contribution.

The unique identities of our 75 Maisons mean that we are always looking for talents across a broad spectrum of professions: Craftsmanship & Design, Production Operations & Supply Chain, Marketing & Communication, Digital, Retail and more.

This exceptional diversity of career paths most certainly includes positions that match your professional aspirations.


LVMH seeks exceptional people who are at the same time creative and pragmatic, people with an entrepreneurial mindset who are open to the world and have a strong affinity with high-quality products. Excellence in execution and a sharp focus on the customer are equally essential assets for positions at LVMH.

Striving for excellence and looking to the future while respecting the DNA of our Maisons will enable you to thrive and succeed in the demanding environment of the LVMH Group. The talented people we recruit are able to engage with dual dimensions, combining a long-term vision to ensure the enduring appeal of our Maisons, and the agility and swift responsiveness of entrepreneurs. Our people are at the same time strategic, entrepreneurial, bold and creative.


Diversity drives creativity and is one of our essential values. LVMH has made strong commitments to nurturing a culture of inclusivity and respecting the individuality of each employee or candidate. We categorically prohibit any discrimination regarding recruiting, compensation, work hours and break times, vacation leave, eligibility for maternity leave, job security, assignment of positions, performance appraisal, training, career advancement and workplace health and safety.

As part of this inclusive culture, LVMH has made gender equality a pillar of its Human Resources policy and accords special attention to developing the careers of women.

Numerous initiatives have been introduced to encourage diversity, including support for women with the EllesVMH program and the signature of the United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEP), as well as support for LGBTI communities by signing the UN standards for conduct of business, which fight discrimination toward LGBTI people.


Because our decentralized organization gives us considerable agility, each of our Maisons retains a high degree of independence. Recruitment and induction are thus both led by the individual Maisons.

As soon as you join, you are immersed in the culture, history and positioning of your Maison. This induction is key to ensure that new arrivals understand the strategy of the brand, its demands and the challenges it faces.


LVMH’s long-term vision includes anticipating future staffing needs. We maintain close relations with leading schools and universities around the world, giving students channels to discover the wide range of professions and career opportunities across the LVMH Group. Among the initiatives targeting students is INSIDE LVMH, created to let future professionals learn more about the LVMH universe.

Another initiative is SPRING, the LVMH Graduate Program, which proposes a bespoke immersion into the Group’s ecosystem for recent graduates, giving them a chance to develop their potential and leadership skills to prepare them for a key position at LVMH and its Maisons. The SPRING program will launch in September 2021.

Passing on our savoir-faire to new generations is an essential priority for LVMH and its Maisons. To help preserve these timeless skills, in 2014 the Group created the Institut des Métiers d’Excellence LVMH. This work/study program enables the Group to train young people in craft, creative and retail professions, enabling them to develop skills that make them attractive to future employers.