February 24, 2014

reinvents sports


Loewe has taken a nostalgic look into the future with the unveiling of the new sports eaux de toilette Collection.

There are four of them. Four iconic masculine fragrances reinvented for the new series. Four distinguished Spanish athletes who star in a stunning film unveiled by Loewe. Set to ‘Lascia la spina, cogli la rosa’ an aria written by Georg Friedrich Haendel and performed by soprano Raquel Eueza, the athletes showcase their exceptional skills in archery, rowing, grass hockey and Basque pelota, true gentlemen’s sports, known for their unique character and long tradition.

The new campaign was inspired by the aesthetics of early 20th century sports competitions. The Spanish champions captured in the film are wearing elegant uniforms rending homage to the athletes of days gone by.  Bearing the historic Loewe logo from the 1950s, their vintage attire was especially created by celebrated costume designer Paco Delgado, who was nominated for an Oscar in 2013.

The new eau de toilette series, reimagined by Loewe in-house nose Emilio Vameros, includes: Loewe Pour Homme Sport, Esencia Loewe Sport, Solo Loewe Sport and 7 Loewe Sport. Energizing and sophisticated, the sports collection is a true tribute to Spanish character and Loewe spirit.

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