Fondation Louis Vuitton: the agenda



For the press conference on the Fondation Louis Vuitton this friday 17th of October, we present you the inaugural agenda conceived by Suzanne Pagé, Artistic Director of this exceptional venue, as well as the first artwork pictures.

For the opening exhibition, the Fondation Louis Vuitton invites visitors on a “voyage of creativity” through a discovery of the architecture and emblematic works from the permanent collection, including creations by Frank Gehry to Gerhard Richter via Thomas Schütte, Pierre Huyghe, Christian Boltanski, Ellsworth Kelly, Olafur Eliasson, Sarah Morris, Adrián Villar Rojas, Bertrand Lavier, Taryn Simon, and many others.

Throughout autumn 2014 and in subsequent months, the Fondation will propose a diverse array of activities:

– The permanent collection, comprising works belonging to the Fondation or from my personal collection, will be displayed to emphasize the main identifying lines in a continuum from modern art to contemporary creativity. The collection will make a distinctive impression on visitors centered on a fundamental criterion, namely the ability to convey distinct viewpoints, whether transient or enduring, through individual works of art.

– Temporary exhibitions will be organized in conjunction with other public and private institutions, as well as private collections, with direct participation by the artists themselves.

– The Fondation will also welcome music, beginning with an inaugural performance by pianist Lang Lang and continuing with pioneering electronic band Kraftwerk in the Auditorium, a true jewelbox where canvases commissioned from Ellsworth Kelly are hung. Tarek Atoui and Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster have been invited as well for performances in other spaces in the building. The modular design of Auditorium makes this an ideal venue for novel experiences and artistic encounters. The Fondation will of course welcome young audiences, as LVMH has done for years through our educational programs.