RIMOWA celebrates second edition of RIMOWA Design Prize

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RIMOWA celebrated the second edition of the RIMOWA Design Prize during a ceremony in Berlin. This second edition, which launched in December 2023, continues to champion German design talent and recognizes young designers from leading design universities across Germany. 

The event took place at the iconic James Simon Gallery, an ideal venue to showcase projects from finalist students in a special exhibition. Following deliberations by the jury, joined by honorary jury members RIMOWA Chief Executive Officer Hugues Bonnet-Masimbert and RIMOWA Chairman Alexandre Arnault, the German Maison awarded prizes to the seven finalists.  

The first place award went to Janne Kreimer (Anhhalt University), who was mentored by Andreas Murkudis. Her project was the RO, an innovative waistcoat that combines exposure therapy and advanced technology to address anxiety. The vest integrates acupressure meridians and deep pressure stimulation to take a holistic approach to anxiety management, activating the parasympathetic nervous system for a calming effect.  

A special mention went to Daniela Lindenberga (SRH Belin University of Applied Sciences), who was mentored by Sebastian Herkner. Her project, the IXO, addresses the rise of hate-motivated crimes in Germany. The wearable safety device contains essential tools such as a flashlight, camera, microphone, speaker and GPS tracker, designed to enhance the safety of wearers while traveling.  

Five other finalists were also honored:  

– Angelicka Barbie and Sarah Eckerlein (Anhalt University), mentored by Nina Sieverding and Anton Rahlwes. 

– Dominic Hahn and Franziska Dehm (Schwäbisch Gmünd University of Design), mentored by Matthias Kulla. 

– Fengfan Yang (State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart), mentored by Susanne Graner. 

– Luise Kempf and Dean Weigand (Saar College of Fine Arts), mentored by Regine Leibinger. 

– Pascal Schwientek and Jasmin Kappler (Potsdam University of Applied Sciences), mentored by Benjamin Wilson. 

For more details on the ceremony and winners at rimowadesignprize.com