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Champagne Mercier
Founded : 1858
Activities : Champagne
75, avenue de Champagne
51200 Epernay – France

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Company overview

Maison Mercier, founded in 1858 by Eugène Mercier, is one of the great champagne names. Thanks to the drive of its visionary founder, Champagne Mercier has become a firm French favourite. Eugène Mercier strove against the odds to purvey champagne of the highest quality to a wide public.

By taking part in the great exhibitions of the 19th century and conducting an imaginative advertising campaign, Eugène Mercier aimed to catch the public imagination. Champagne Mercier was to become a fixture at all major social occasions.

The founder's spirit still prevails. The fresh, fruity, intense and spontaneous Mercier vintages fashioned by Christophe Bonnefond, chef de cave for the House, reflect this authentic, warm-hearted spirit.

The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for your health. Consume with moderation.

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