Samaritaine Paris and Fondaco Dei Tedeschi in Venice, Face to Face

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Samaritaine Paris and Fondaco Dei Tedeschi in Venice, both operated by the DFS group, come together for a superb tête-à-tête between the two cities, celebrating their unique cultures and exquisite savoir-faire.  

From February 7 to April 23, Samaritaine welcomes iconic buildings and districts of Venice to every corner of the department store. The Grand Canal and the Venice-Santa Lucia train station reveal their charm, while the very Parisian walls of the Samaritaine stand out. The storied department store has transformed its spaces into a journey against the backdrop of romantic intrigue.

This season’s guest artist Irene Cattaneo has created an installation of blown glass clouds in vibrant colors. Inspired by her peregrinations, dreams and intuition, the work echoes the mastery of traditional Murano glassmaking techniques. 

Meanwhile, Lee Shulman, through The Anonymous Project, has assembled a collection of images dating from the 1950s to the 1970s, which he stages in the form of 3D installations, photo prints and totems exhibited at La Samaritaine. “Paris Venise” is the ideal meeting-ground for questioning human relationships and the notion of intimacy.

Two romantic and cultural destinations, two locations rich in history and architecture, two stores linked by the DFS group. For the first time, Samaritaine joins Fondaco Dei Tedeschi for a memorable encounter between two cities that have so very much in common.