Louis Vuitton unveils LV Diamonds collection and expands commitment to sustainable practices

Fashion & Leather Goods


Louis Vuitton marks an exciting milestone in fine jewelry with LV Diamonds, an invitation to explore precious new territories, a promise of never-ending discovery and infinite possibility.  

The new collection reveals the groundbreaking LV Monogram Star cut, which recreates Louis Vuitton’s iconic Monogram flower. The fruit of sophisticated savoir-faire exclusive to the Maison, these diamonds draw on unique mastery of traditional techniques to give them their distinctive and perfectly symmetrical shape and unparalleled multifaceted radiance. 

With LV Diamonds, Louis Vuitton is also deepening and expanding its commitment to sustainable environmental and social practices. The Maison has introduced the first ever fully digital blockchain-based Louis Vuitton Diamond Certificate. 


This digital certificate embodies Louis Vuitton’s commitment to sustainable and transparent sourcing of gemstones. The cutting-edge solution makes it possible to verify traceability and responsible sourcing of diamonds. Transparent and unalterable, the digital certificate employs Aura blockchain technology to store the unique characteristics of each stone, including the provenance and journey, guaranteeing that this data is safeguarded indefinitely. Each diamond is traced from mining to transformation into jewelry and certified by the LV Diamonds certificate. This complete traceability provides assurance regarding the origins of materials in jewelry pieces. 

In addition to its traceability commitments, Louis Vuitton is also reducing its carbon footprint across the sourcing chain thanks to the use of sustainable materials such as platinum and pink gold, coupled with responsible manufacturing practices.