Startups, make your dreams come true! Meet the 18 finalists for the 2024 LVMH Innovation Award



LVMH has announced the 18 finalists for the 8th edition of the LVMH Innovation Award. The finalists will showcase their solutions in the LVMH Pavilion at Viva Technology, the world’s premier rendezvous for startups and tech. Set for May 22-25, the event will showcase the longstanding partnership between LVMH and Viva Technology, created in 2016 as the place where startups and major corporates can meet to drive innovation.  

Innovation and entrepreneurial spirit are founding values that have inspired LVMH and its Maisons since their creation. These values are cornerstones of the Group’s success. This year’s list of finalists reflects LVMH’s commitment to encouraging creativity, sustainability and excellence, with a major focus on data and generative AI, two key priorities for the Group. The competition drew more than 1,545 candidates from 89 countries. What’s more, 44% of the finalists were founded or co-founded by women. The finalists are grouped in six categories.

List of finalists for the 2024 LVMH Innovation Award:

Omnichannel & Retail:

EQL: E-commerce technology to offer reliable, fair, and memorable product launches of in-demand products
GK Concept: Tailor-made interactive in-store technology for merchandising and shopping experiences 
Glanceable: Customer reviews aggregation and analysis platform using NLP for strategic insights

Image & Media for Brand Desirability: 

Ircam Amplify: Innovative audio products & services that transform everyday sound experiences
Raive: Multimedia generative AI company with built-in IP royalty attribution 
Trajaan: Search intelligence software designed for consumer insights and retail media teams 

Immersive Digital Experiences: 

BLNG: Sketch to Design Generative AI software for the jewelry industry
FancyTech: 3D-modeling & generative AI video content production
Xydrobe: Multi-sensorial luxury VR solutions for immersive in-store experiences

Employee Experience, Diversity & Inclusion:    

Heralbony: Empowering artists with intellectual disabilities by licensing their artwork to brands for collaborations, promoting diversity and inclusion
OpenDecide: Science-based team dynamic development platform
Witty Works: Language-AI tool for sustainable, inclusive corporate culture 

Operations Excellence:

Authena: IoT solutions for product authenticity protection & real time traceability
Perception Manufacturing: AI-based computer vision data analysis solution for factory process optimization and quality control
WizyVision: Software to rapidly ramp up mobile applications empowering frontline workers

Sustainability & Greentech:

Aectual: Circular 3D printed store furniture and architectural finishes using recycled materials
Jikantechno: Transforming agricultural waste into biomaterials for the cosmetic industry
Synovance: Natural and bio-based dyes and pigments for cosmetics and fashion 

One startup will be named winner in each category at the awards ceremony, and a special prize will be awarded for the most innovative solution in data, AI and generative AI.  One of the six category winners will receive the LVMH Innovation Award 2024 Grand Prize, which will be presented by Bernard Arnault, Chairman and Chief Executive Office of LVMH.

The finalists will join the Maison des Startups LVMH, the Group’s business accelerator program. In addition to support and mentoring they will benefit from access to LVMH’s network of luxury industry experts. This support provides an excellent springboard to fruitful collaborations with different LVMH Maisons.  

The awards ceremony is scheduled for May 23 at VivaTech.  
Stay tuned to discover the winners!