Alessandro Timeless & versatile

Like its founder, Berluti embodies a style that is classic with a subtle touch
of boldness. After arriving in Paris from his native Italy at the dawn of
the 20th century, the young Alessandro Berluti lent his given name to the first pair of shoes he designed. A signature with the resonance of a manifesto.
And a symbol of elegance that has traveled through the years without ever
falling out of fashion.

The Berluti spirit

Creating a unique style
with several centimeters of leather

Made in Paris

Paris has served as the backdrop for the blooming of a House with a truly inimitable style. Elegance, balance, impertinence… the entire Berluti spirit is present in the architecture of the Alessandro lace-up pump, crafted from
a single piece of leather,
with no visible seam.

Birth of an icon

The Alessandro lace-up pump is crafted from a single piece of leather, with no visible seam. The sleek silhouette became a sensation when it was presented at the Paris Exposition Universelle in 1900. An emblematic model was born…


A unique expression
of shoemaking savoir-faire

Shoemaker since 1895

With its apparent simplicity, the Alessandro
shoe expresses the Berluti’s amazingly rich
shoemaking expertise.

Technical virtuosity

Three-dimensional thinking is essential.
From the preparation of the wooden lasts to the final shoe, expertise and processes once reserved to bespoke footwear have been adapted to ready-to-wear shoes.

Timeless, versatile style

Sophistication is forever in fashion

Artful elegance

Redefining the rules of elegance with a studied nonchalance. Right from its creation, the Alessandro oxfords became the shoe of choice among men who elevated the art of footwear to a distinctive art de vivre. And today it is continually reinvented to embrace contemporary times.


Both timeless and versatile, this shoe seduces the heart and feet of all men, whether they wear a three-piece suit or a pair of jeans.

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